Tradeshow Contractor FAQ

The following guidelines are excerpts from the Palm Springs Convention Center Facility Guidelines and are provided for your convenience. Please be aware that during all load in/load out AND all show hours, contractors’ personnel are required to be on-site to handle any exhibitor questions, requests or freight.

The use of heavy equipment, sound equipment, rigging equipment, rigged signage, draping materials, motorized lifts, etc. must be discussed and approved by the Event Manager.

Power cables and lines may not block ingress/egress and/or any emergency exit doorways. ALL power cables must be flown up and over emergency exits. For additional details on this Fire Code, please contact your Event Manager. Cable ramps/yellow jackets are only permitted in backstage areas with prior approval. Please make arrangements with the Event Manager thirty (30) days in advance of arrival.

No one under the age of 16 is permitted in the exhibit halls or on the loading dock during load in/load out hours.

Please make arrangements for pre/post exhibit hall cleaning prior to your arrival. The Palm Springs Convention Center offers cleaning services. Fees and arrangements may be discussed with the Event Manager.

Crates, wooden boxes, packing materials, etc. may not be stored in exhibit halls, meeting rooms or interior building areas under any circumstances. Please discuss crate storage with your Event Manager prior to your arrival. Crates may not be stored in dock wells or on the dock apron.
Crates may be stored along the dock wall or inside trailers.

All doorways and walls must be protected during load-in and load-out so surfaces are not scratched or damaged. Equipment may not be propped or leaned against doors or walls. Items (including cables/cords) may not block ingress/egress, including, but not limited
to, doorways.


The following are the three contractors that are approved to provide electrical services at the Palm Springs Convention Center:

Convention Electric, Inc. – 909-623-5192

Edlen Electrical Exhibition Services – 760‐778‐6111

Freeman Electrical – 714‐254‐3400

GES Electrical – 619-498-6300

Use of any other contractor would require a variance and will be subject to approval.  A written request will be required to be submitted to the assigned Event Manager at least 30 days prior to the move in date.

Drapes, curtains, table coverings and skirts, carpet or any materials used in exhibits or as props, must be flame retardant and be accompanied by a Fire Certificate of Flame Resistance. All such materials are subject to inspection and on site testing by the Fire Marshal. Fire fighting equipment, fire extinguishers, fire hose cabinets, exits and/or exit signage may not be hidden or obstructed. All other City of Palm Springs Fire Regulations must be adhered to.

All floorplans are to be drawn to scale and must show detail including placement of vehicles as part of any exhibit. Fire prevention equipment and exit signage must be unobstructed. Aisles may not be less than 10 ft. wide. Floorplans are to be submitted to Event Manager for Fire Marshal approval a minimum of (60) sixty days prior to occupancy date. If vehicles are a part of your event, they must be shown on the floorplan when submitted. A copy of the approved floorplan(s) must be on file before the event may open. Failure to comply may result in delay of show opening.

Responsibility for protecting all carpeted areas rests solely with the Contractor or Service Provider responsible for performing the work in carpeted locations. This applies to areas receiving crates, pallets, freight boxes, road cases, or other large/heavy materials likely to cause carpet damage.

No cutting of carpet, foam core or other materials is permitted on carpeted areas without protection. Only gaffers tape may be used on carpeted areas. Scissors, boom, knuckle, and all other lifts require 100% protection from damage including tire wrapping or ironman Visqueen. The use of paint, glue, ink, dyes, oil, solvents, or other industrial liquids or adhesives is not permitted without 100% protection. Electric vehicles/scooters may not be parked on carpeted surfaces for charging.

Motor vehicles must have a plastic drop cloth large enough to cover the entire undercarriage of the vehicle, and must be used during display. Any items that are likely to snag carpet fibers or leave a residue may not be used on carpeted areas without 100% protection. This includes paint, adhesives, soil, grass, flowers, chalk, water, non-permitted tape, screws, nails, Velcro, rough lumber, metal, glass, or other similar items.

If a lift is required, arrangements should be made to rent this equipment from an outside source. Lifts may be delivered to the loading dock area the day prior to load in, and a bay will be assigned for staging. All lift operators must wear a clip in harness.

OSHA requirements.
The floor weight load limit is 3,500 psi. We will locate and uncover the floorboxes for you in order to avoid them as the weight of the lift may cause damage. If wheels are not “non-marking”, they must be shrink wrapped before entering the facility to prevent carpet damage.

Tradeshow Contractors/subcontractors are to provide specific loading dock activity information to the Event Manager. Please complete the Loading Dock Questionnaire and forward to your Event Manager 30 days prior to the date of occupancy. A 9-bay loading dock is located on the north end of the building and affords easy access to the Oasis Exhibit Halls. The largest of the three roll up doors in 15′ 4″ high and 17′ 11″ wide. To maintain safe and efficient operations, your Event Manger shall assign dock marshals to assist with traffic coordination during load in and load out.

Marshaling Yard options may be arranged with your Event Manager and should be addressed no later than thirty (30) days prior to load in. All basic safety rules and OSHA guidelines are to be followed during load in/load out including, but not limited to:

– The safe operation of equipment and tools
– No smoking within 25 feet of any exterior doors and only in designated areas
– No drinking of alcoholic beverages or use of illegal substances on PSCC property or parking lots
– No refueling, de-fueling, storage of gasoline, kerosene, LPG or other fuels and liquids

Hallways, doors and fire lanes may not be blocked with freight, equipment, display material, etc. at any time