AV & Internet

Encore is the official in-house audio visual, telecommunications and internet provider for the PSCC. Encore’s personal understanding of the facility and integrated approach with the PSCC staff ensures a seamless environment. Please contact an Encore representative at 760-322-8455 to discuss your needs.

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The Palm Springs Convention Center offers state-of-the-art Internet connectivity throughout the convention space.  The network infrastructure is designed to offer convenient and reliable connectivity for a wide variety of event-based needs.  Our certified team of technicians and engineers can customize the network experience to meet all group needs.

> Network installed and managed by Cisco Certified Engineers
> On-site staff  to assist with technical needs

Data Circuit

We offer 1 Gb/s of bandwidth dedicated to the convention space exclusively with the availability to increase to 10Gb/s.  This bandwidth is managed so that groups may opt for a dedicated segment or “best-effort” delivery based on the event need.

Network Infrastructure

The wired meeting space network consists of (6) wiring closets and a main network closet. The network is connected through a Ten gigabit fiber optic and CAT5 backbone.  All the in room data connections in the meeting space are certified CAT5e cabling. The core switch is a Cisco 2960X model.

Wireless connectivity is available throughout the meeting space via (46) Cisco 3702ac access points offering  connectivity on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. The wireless network is controlled by two Cisco 5508 Wireless LAN Controllers to ensure robust load balancing and interference management.

The network is set by default to issue private addressed via DHCP.  Public IP addresses are also available via either static or DHCP delivery upon request and subject to availability.


The network is managed by Encore who maintains an office in the Palm Springs Convention Center.  Onsite technical support is provided during event hours.  For details check with your Encore representative.

Encore also operates a remote Network Operations Center  providing;
> Cisco Certified Engineers as 2nd and 3rd tier support
> Advanced configuration options and advice
> 24×7 monitoring of every piece of network equipment

Captive Portal

In default configuration the network is configured with a captive portal.  An access code provided by Encore is required to connect.  This access code contains a service profile that defines the group the user belongs to and the bandwidth allocated.

Within a group the bandwidth is dynamically managed to ensure everyone has a fair share of the bandwidth assigned to that particular group.  Bandwidth to a group is dedicated for that groups exclusive use.

It is possible to bypass the captive portal although steps should be taken to understand the overall event need as other solutions may prove more effective.  The captive portal may also be customized for sponsorship or branding purposes.


The network is designed so that groups may personalize their experience.  Various features and customizations are available to create a convenient and efficient experience.

> Public IP addresses either static or dynamic
> Custom VLANs including layer 2 and layer 3 VLANs
> Custom security including wireless security (WEP/WPA/WPA2) and access control lists
> Custom wireless network names
> Custom portal page graphics including forced first home pages

Related Services

Encore has expertise  in several areas whose success depend on the reliability of the network.  We would be pleased to help with;
> Content Management Services
> Audience Response Systems
> Streaming Content and Webcasting Services
> HD Video Conferencing
> Mobile Event Apps

Use of outside switches, routers and wireless access points (including WiFi devices)

The network infrastructure is specifically designed for the PSCC and installed with specific equipment to handle a high volume of guest activity. The wireless access points are installed and configured to coordinate their activity and cooperate with each other.

The introduction of customer supplied switches, routers and wireless access points (including WiFi devices) into this specifically designed system creates interference and causes performance deterioration and possible failure of both the in house and customer supplied equipment.  In order to ensure the success of everyone’s event, PSAV should be notified well in advance of any intended use of outside switches, routers or wireless access points to ensure they will work without causing problems.

Please also note that customer supplied switches, routers and wireless access points are the responsibility of the customer to troubleshoot and PSAV does not maintain spares of consumer grade equipment.

Hybrid Events

Current travel restrictions mean conferences and events, as we once knew them, cannot take place. While the world adapts to socially distanced events, digital or hybrid options ensure events and conferences can continue to cross international borders.

Hybrid events and virtual conferences are about more than just streaming your talks out as webinars. We can help you to bring your event alive online, so whether a delegate is attending in the venue or logging on from their home or office, they can experience all the event has to offer and reap the same benefits.

We can merge both the physical and virtual aspects of an event by streaming plenary sessions with a high level of production. We can also create virtual exhibitions, ensure different levels of sponsor visibility, give on and off-site delegates the opportunity to network in chatrooms, and much more.

Together, we can help you develop new ways of hosting virtual and hybrid events that really engage delegates, and lead them to have an enjoyable and immersive experience. To find out more, contact our sales team.

Questions on pricing? Please contact Encore at psccav@encoreglobal.com.