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277 N. Avenida Caballeros, Palm Springs CA 92262

Palm Springs Convention Center

General Manager

Rob Hampton

phone 760-322-8400


Rick Leson

Director of Sales & Marketing
phone 760-322-8402

Paula Helm

Associate Director of Sales
phone 760-322-8405

Shawn Sande

National Sales Manager-Western Region
phone 760-322-8467

David LeRoy

National Sales Manager-Midwest Region
phone 760-322-8406

Event Services

Kristie Dore

Director of Event Services
phone 760-322-8465

Chauncey Palmer

Event Manager
phone 760-322-8466

Leslie Regalado

Event Manager
phone 760-322-8464

Brady Ramey

Event Manager
phone 760-322-8410

Human Resources

Camille Steele

Human Resources Manager
phone 760-322-8417


Mario Irrera

Director of Operations
phone 760-322-8401


Christian Bayer

Director of Finance
phone 760-322-8404

Savoury’s Catering

Lynne Toles

Director of Catering
phone 760-322-8432

Glenn Schmidt

Catering Sales Manager
phone 760-322-8433

Audio Visual – Encore

Howard Kinney

Director of Event Technology
phone 760-322-8426

Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism

Marketing & Visitor Services

Kimber Foster

Director of Palm Springs Tourism
phone 760-770-9000

Randy Garner

Sr. Marketing Manager
phone 760-322-8425

Kara Walker

Marketing Manager
phone 760-322-8414

Rick Fraley

Guest Services Manager
phone 760-778-8418

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