Exhibitor FAQs

The following information is provided for your convenience and is comprised of excerpts from our complete Facility Guidelines.


Service and/or guide animals are permitted at all times. Non service animals are not permitted in the facility except as part of an exhibit, activity, or performance requiring their use. Prior approval is required by the Event Manager.


Encore is the preferred provider of A/V equipment and services for the Palm Springs Convention Center. Please contact an Encore representative to discuss your audio visual needs at 760-322-8455. For your convenience, an order form has been included in your exhibitor kit.


Helium, balloons, confetti and glitter are strictly prohibited. Balloons may be used for display purposes with prior approval. Any loose balloons will be subject to a per balloon retrieval fee. Adhesive backed decals may not be distributed or used within the facility.


No one under the age of 16 is permitted in the exhibit halls or on the loading dock during load in/load out hours.


Decorations, signage, banners, etc, MAY NOT be taped, nailed, or otherwise attached to any ceiling, window, painted surface or wall of the facility. The location and method of installation of special decor or signage requires prior approval from the Event Manager.


Drapes, curtains, table coverings and skirts, carpet or any materials used in exhibits or as props, must be flame retardant and be accompanied by a Fire Certificate of Flame Resistance. All such materials are subject to inspection and on site testing by the Fire Marshal. Sisal paper, tar paper, nylon, oilcloth, etc. cannot be rendered flame retardant and are prohibited. Fire fighting equipment, fire extinguishers, fire hose cabinets, exits and/or exit signage may not be hidden or obstructed. The following instances may require further approval from the Fire Marshal to ensure public safety. Please contact the Tradeshow Contractor for further details.

– Booths containing closed rooms, multi-level structures
– Booths requiring floorplans showing specific details
– Booths requirements for smoke alarms & fire extinguishers
– Booths requiring fire watch personnel
– Exhibitors utilizing cooking devices
– Vehicles on display in exhibit halls (please refer to “Vehicles on Display” on page 3).


All food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and concessions services are operated and controlled by the Palm Springs Convention Center. Savoury’s provides exclusive food & beverage service for the Palm Springs Convention Center. You may order food & beverage for your booth by contacting Savoury’s at 760-322-8432. Exhibitors who wish to exhibit/distribute sample food or beverage items must contact Savoury’s for prior authorization. Outside food or beverage is not permitted at any time.


Internet or telecommunications services are provided exclusively by Encore. In some cases free internet connectivity is provided by Show Management, in which case you will be issued an access code. We also offer two levels of Wi-Fi service which may be purchased by credit card by clicking on internet explorer once you are on site. A splash screen will appear that will allow you to place an order. Individual services for hardwire connection may be requested in advance by completing the appropriate form(s). Payment is required prior to installation.


Exhibitors may load in/load out of the facility through designated loading dock areas only. The main lobbies are not to be utilized for this purpose. Please verify load in/load out times prior to your arrival through the Tradeshow Contractor. The Palm Springs Convention Center does not provide lifts, carts, or other equipment for public use. Hallways and doors may not be blocked with freight, equipment, display material, etc. at any time.


Parking in loading dock areas except for load in/load out, is prohibited. The loading dock marshal will direct exhibitors and control the flow of vehicles in all dock areas and driveways. Vehicles in violation of this policy will be towed at the owner’s expense. The Palm Springs Convention Center has a primary lot located to the north of the facility and a secondary lot southwest of the facility. Handicapped parking is available in both parking areas with drop off areas at the main entrance located on Alvarado Road.


The City of Palm Springs requires a temporary business license for the general sale of any merchandise at the facility. It is your Show Manager’s responsibility to file proper paperwork and pay related fees directly to the City of Palm Springs. Please contact Show Management to ensure that they have your correct merchant information.


The Tradeshow Contractor must provide a licensed contractor who is certified to hang banners and/or signage from the Oasis 1 & Oasis 4 steel beams and Oasis 2 & Oasis 3 floating grid. The contractor must use proper hanging equipment for safety measures, and must provide a secondary safety in case of failure.

– Banners and/or signage that weigh less than 50 lbs. and do not require a motor to hang, can be hung from the floating grid in Oasis 2 & 3.

– Banners and/or signage that weigh over 50 lbs. must be hung by Encore and arranged by completing the Encore rigging form https://www.encoreglobal.com/rigging-request/. Encore must supply all steel and/or motors used for rigging from the ceiling.

– Encore’s rigging supervisor will determine rig call and crew, based upon client needs. Other rigging within the Facility – For productions and/or galas, all rigging is exclusive to PSAV

– Hanging items from the ceiling of the Primrose Ballrooms is exclusive to Encore- For hanging light weight banners/signage in any other areas of the PSCC, please contact your Event Manager for details. 3


Please follow the instructions regarding shipping as stated in your exhibitor kit. The Palm Springs Convention Center does not accept advance exhibitor freight. If you find the need to ship directly to the Palm Springs Convention Center, your freight must be addressed to the Tradeshow Contractor. The freight may not arrive prior to the occupancy date or said freight will be refused. Please make prior arrangements through the Tradeshow Contractor for shipping your freight from the Convention Center. Freight remaining on the show floor will be shipped through the Tradeshow Contractor’s carrier of choice, as they are required to clear the exhibit hall by contracted time.


Special arrangements for access to water from restroom faucets or janitorial closets for exhibit purposes can be confirmed with the Tradeshow Contractor.


Please note the following rules for vehicles on display inside the PSCC. If you have any questions or special conditions please contact your Event Manager for consultation. City of Palm Springs Fire Regulations, under the current code, regarding display of vehicles are as follows:

– Batteries shall be disconnected in an approved manner – Vehicles or equipment shall not be fueled or defueled within the building or on the surrounding property

– Fuel in the fuel tank shall not exceed one-quarter of the tank capacity or five (5) gallons, whichever is less

– Fuel systems shall be inspected for leaks – Fuel tank openings shall be locked and sealed to prevent the escape of vapors

– The location of vehicles or equipment shall not obstruct or block exits or exit signage

– Contractor to place visqueen & masonite along the vehicle path to protect the carpet during load in/load out – Once vehicle is placed, visqueen to remain under the vehicle as carpet protection

– PSCC Facility Security will receive keys with a cell phone number and name of a responsible party. The keys will remain with PSCC security until the conclusion of the event.

– Vehicle may not be relocated during show hours


Water fill/drain service is available and may be requested by completing the appropriate form. There is a fee for this service.