Sustainability Efforts

The Palm Springs Convention Center is focused on positively impacting our community in all we do, including how we interact with and affect our environment. We continually look for new opportunities to perfect our processes to become better residents of the Earth.

Greener Meetings & Events

Aerial shot of JLH plaza and convention center

2,574 Solar Panels 

The Palm Springs Convention Center installed 2,574 new solar panels on the roof. Since installation in 2016, the panels produced 5.42 million kWh with a fantastic result of generating 1.57 million kWh over what was consumed. To put this in perspective, a 100-watt light bulb operating for 10 hours uses one kilowatt-hour.

PS Convention Center solar panels

Reduce Energy Use

Motion sensors installed in locations throughout the facility.

Energy-smart HVAC system which provides effective and efficient heating and cooling.

Timers on exterior and parking lot lighting.

Turn off lights and air (or heat) in non-occupied areas.

Reflective fiber-tight membrane roof to reduce the heat load.

Added Variable Speed drives to mechanical HVAC related systems to improve efficiency.


Use of 80 – 100% recycled paper products throughout facility.

Recycle paper products in restrooms.

Utilize biodegradable plates and flatware.

Green housekeeping and cleaning products.

98% of food waste captured.

Saving Water

Metered water faucets in restrooms.

Low-flow toilets.

Low-water plants with 75% landscaping on exterior with slow-growing, drought tolerant plants.