Facilities Information

The following information is provided to assist you in the planning of your event.  This information outlines services available through the Palm Springs Convention Center (PSCC) and its Contractors.  Also listed are various building policies of which you should be aware.  If you have any questions regarding any of this information, please contact us for further details.


The Palm Springs Convention Center (PSCC) provides permanent access accommodations under the guidance of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  When planning your event, we ask that you provide accessibility to all individuals for exhibits, displays, meetings, etc. with respect to set up, location, path of travel and other aspects of the event.  Please also provide any temporary auxiliary aids and services required for disabled attendees under the guidance of the ADA.

Wheelchairs are not available at the PSCC, however, we are able to provide you with a list of local vendors to accommodate special needs.


All off-site, outdoor advertising within the City limits requires approval from the City of Palm Springs.  For further information, please contact the City’s Planning Department at 760-323-8245.

The posting of signs, advertisements, show bills, lithographs, posters or cards is not permitted in or on any part of the PSCC premises, without prior permission.  All unauthorized signage will be removed.


For your convenience, ATM machines are located in the main hallway immediately adjacent to the west lobby as well as next to the box office on the east end of the main hallway.


Encore Global is the official in-house audio visual provider for the PSCC. Encore Global’s personal understanding of the facility and integrated approach with the PSCC staff ensures a seamless environment.  Please contact a Encore Global representative at 760-322-8455 to discuss your audio visual needs.


All interior banners with the exception of tradeshow/exhibit hangings, must be hung by PSCC personnel.  Arrangements for interior banner hanging should be made in advance through your Event Manager a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to your event.

All exterior banners require advance approval from the City of Palm Springs Planning Department.  Please contact them directly at 760-323-8245.  Arrangements for exterior banner hanging should be accomplished a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to your event.

All tradeshow/exhibit banners or signs over 50 lbs. MUST be hung by ENCORE Global. Please contact a representative at 760-322-8455 for any rigging needs.


The contracted areas of the PSCC will be provided to you in clean condition.  During your event, the PSCC Operations Staff will maintain all public areas and meeting spaces except when said areas are utilized as exhibit space and are the responsibility of the Tradeshow Contractor.


All service contractors and show related working personnel, temporary labor, etc., should enter and exit the PSCC through designated entrances and must wear proper identification credentials.


The PSCC will make every effort to inform you of any damages as soon as they are discovered.  We ask that any damage(s) you notice be reported immediately to a PSCC staff member.  If any portions of the premises or furnishings are damaged through the negligence or fault of your group, its agents, or guests, you will be responsible for any cost associated to return the area(s) to its original condition.


All props, table coverings, drapes, etc., must meet fire code regulations, be approved in advance as part of the floorplan, and have any required fire certifications.

Helium balloons, glitter and confetti are not permitted.  Balloons may be used for display purposes with prior approval from your Event Manager.  Any loose balloons will be subject to a per balloon retrieval fee.

Adhesive backed decals and stickers may not be used or distributed without written consent of the PSCC.

Decorations, banners and similar displays may not be fastened to ceilings, painted surfaces, wall coverings, airwalls, columns or doors.  If you have a special request, please contact your Event Manager.


House lighting, ventilation, heat or air conditioning will be provided as required during show open times.  All exhibitor lighting must be turned off during non-operating hours.

Energy conservation and sustainability practices are very important to us and minimal light and temperature levels will be maintained during load-in and load-out periods.

Rehearsals and similar pre-event activities may be assessed a utility charge for special light and temperature levels.

Only authorized PSCC staff may access electrical, water (fill, drain and water key) and telecommunications equipment.  All usage of the utility services must be approved in advance by the PSCC.

Exhibitor electrical and utility services will be provided by your Tradeshow Contractor.  Electrical contractors are required to have a signed agreement with the PSCC and a current insurance certificate on file before being permitted to install services within the facility.


Equipment is available to you as inventory permits. The PSCC will make every effort to accommodate the needs of our guests.  The rates listed are subject to change.  Please consult with your Event Manager for current information.  The costs for supplemental equipment will vary based on quantity, availability, etc.  If you have special requests for furnishings outside of our inventory, the Event Manager will assist you in making arrangements to secure the equipment.


Breech-loading firearms displayed must be deactivated by removal of the firing pin or other alteration so that they may not be fired.  Live ammunition, powder or primers may not be brought into the Exhibit Hall.  Exceptions may be granted by PSCC Management for particularly rare antique firearms or ammunition displayed in locked display cases or other wise made inaccessible.  Firearms will be inspected before the show by an authorized safety advisor.  Infractions will be reported to both Exhibitor and Show Management.  All infractions must be corrected before the exhibit will be allowed to open.  Over the counter sales of firearms and ammunition are not permitted; however, Exhibitors may take orders for future delivery.  Gun shows are permissible providing the producer is bona fide and state permitted, in which case all federal and state regulations prevail and must be strictly adhered to.


Fire Marshal presence is required during your event under the following circumstances:

– Use of smoke, fog or hazers (hazer liquid must be water based, no oil based substances are permitted)

– Attendance at or in excess of 2,500 people

– Whenever a significant life/safety issue is deemed to be present

Your Event Manager will make arrangements for Fire Marshal presence based on an evaluation of your event characteristics.


Based on event type and attendance, an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) may be required to be on site during show hours.  Please make arrangements for Emergency Medical Services with your Event Manager thirty (30) days prior to your event.


Floorplans must be approved by the Fire Marshal of the City of Palm Springs prior to the selling of exhibit booth space.  It is the responsibility of the PSCC to secure this Fire Marshal approval upon receipt of your floorplan.  Please forward a copy to your Event Manger a minimum of sixty (60) days prior to the event.  If vehicles are a part of your event, they must be shown on the floorplan when submitted.  A copy of the approved floorplan(s) must be on file before the event may open.

City of Palm Springs Fire Regulations are strictly enforced by the PSCC.  The Fire Marshal’s decision is final.


Responsibility for protecting all carpeted areas rests solely with the Contractor or Service Provider responsible for performing the work in carpeted locations. This applies to areas receiving crates, pallets, freight boxes, road cases, or other large/heavy materials likely to cause carpet damage.

You must place visqueen, (at least 4ml thick), and masonite on all carpeted and tiled areas during load in and load out when using lifts, pallet jacks and/or other related equipment.  Lifts carrying freight may not travel across tiled surfaces; although limited exceptions may be pre-approved for light equipment with appropriate tire protection.

No cutting of carpet, foamcore or other materials is permitted on carpeted areas without protection.

Only gaffers tape may be used on carpeted areas.

Scissors, boom, knuckle, and all other lifts require 100% protection from damage including tire wrapping or ironman Visqueen.

The use of paint, glue, ink, dyes, oil, solvents, or other industrial liquids or adhesives is not permitted without 100% protection.

Electric vehicles may not be parked on carpeted surfaces for charging.

Motor vehicles must have a plastic drop cloth large enough to cover the entire undercarriage of the vehicle must be used during display.

Any items that are likely to snag carpet fibers or leave a residue may not be used on carpeted areas without 100% protection. This includes paint, adhesives, soil, grass, flowers, chalk, water, non-permitted tape, screws, nails Velcro, rough lumber, metal, glass, or other similar items.


Outside food or beverages are not permitted within the facility.  Savoury’s the PSCC’s official in house concessionaire and catering company is the only firm permitted to serve or provide food and beverage of any kind on the property.

Consumables that are to be given to attendees free of charge must be pre-approved with the in-house caterer.

Selling, distribution and consumption of all alcoholic beverages must be in accordance with the laws, statutes and regulations of the State of California.  The State of California has issued an Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) license to Savoury’s for their exclusive sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages at the PSCC.  The ABC license precludes the dispensing of alcoholic beverages to individuals under the age of 21.  You will be responsible for assistance in preventing any consumption of alcoholic beverages by underage attendees and to provide security as required by the PSCC.


PSCC administrative offices are open during regular business hours, Monday through Friday 8AM-5PM, excluding holidays.

Hours of use are outlined during contracting and will be finalized with you prior to arrival.  Changes may be made to your program, once on-site; depending on length of notice, applicable overtime or labor charges may apply.


The information center is located in our west lobby area.  Our concierge staff assists patrons by providing information on in house events, local events, attractions and activities, directions, and local referrals.  Our colleagues are also able to assist with tee times, arranging dining reservations, etc.  Brochures, local maps and city guides are also available.


You may request keys to your meeting spaces through your Event Manager.  A $75.00 charge will be assessed for any key not returned at the conclusion of an event.

Should you request a “re-key” on any of the meeting room doors, a $75.00 charge per door will apply.


If a lift is required, arrangements should be made to rent this equipment from an outside source.  Lifts may be delivered to the loading dock area the day prior to load in.  Please inform your Event Manager in advance so we can ensure a reserved space for your lifts.

The floor weight load limit is 3/500 psi.  We will locate and uncover the floorboxes for you in order to avoid them as the weight of the lift may cause damage.

If wheels are not “non-marking and/or black rubber”, they must be shrink wrapped before entering the facility to prevent carpet damage.  If the aisles are covered with visqueen and/or masonite, tire wrapping of equipment is not required.


A 9-bay loading dock is located on the north end of the building and affords easy access to the Oasis Exhibit Halls.  The largest of the three roll up doors is 15′ 4″ high and 17′ 11″ wide. To maintain safe and efficient operations, your Event Manger shall assign dock marshals to assist with traffic coordination during load in and load out.

Marshaling Yard options may be arranged with your Event Manager and should be addressed no later than thirty (30) days prior to load in.

All basic safety rules and OSHA guidelines are to be followed during load in/load out including, but not limited to:

– The safe operation of equipment and tools

– No smoking within 25 feet of any exterior doors and only in designated areas

– No drinking of alcoholic beverages or use of illegal substances on PSCC property or parking lots

– No refueling, de-fueling, storage of gasoline, kerosene, LPG or other fuels and liquids

Hallways, doors and fire lanes may not be blocked with freight, equipment, display material, etc. at any time.

Crate storage is not permitted in exhibit halls or interior building areas under any circumstances.  Please refer to the City of Palm Springs Fire Regulations for specific crate storage information.

Crates may be stored along the dock wall or inside trailers in the dock wells.

Children under the age of 16 are not permitted in the exhibit halls or on the loading dock during load in/load out hours.


In order to protect building finishes, no loading or unloading is permitted through public entrance areas (i.e. front lobby, pre-function areas, etc.).  With prior authorization from your Event Manager, limited loading and unloading of hand-carried items may be permitted when no other events are in house.

Load in/Load Out Lighting

Fifty percent (50%) “work lights” will be provided at no charge in exhibit halls during load in and load out.  One hundred percent (100%) “show lights” will be provided (30) minutes prior to show opening and meetings.  Lighting requests outside these parameters will be charged at the prevailing hourly rate.

Load In/Load Out Air Conditioning & Heat

Air conditioning and heat are not provided in the exhibit halls on load in or load out days.  Air conditioning or heat may be requested during these periods, but will only be provided when the exterior doors are closed and hourly charges will apply.

Air conditioning and heat are provided complimentary during show hours.  The Exhibit Hall loading doors must be closed one hour prior to start of show in order to provide appropriate heating and cooling levels.


Lobby areas are considered to be public space and are reserved for uses such as registration, circulation, information, food service, etc. and use for these purposes is subject to approval by the PSCC.  Registration tables, equipment, telephones, Internet and electrical services are not included but are available for an additional charge.

No motorized vehicles, forklifts, gas or electric carts may be used in public areas without prior permission from the PSCC.


Lost and found items will be held in the Security office at the PSCC for up to thirty (30) days.  Items such as credit cards, driver’s licenses and other government documents will be mailed to the address on the identification within 48 hours.  Claimed items will be returned upon verification of the owner, however, the PSCC will not be responsible for the cost associated with mailing or shipping lost and found items.


Initial meeting specifications should be provided to your Event Manager a minimum of sixty (60) days prior to your event in order to secure our lowest rates.  Orders placed seven (7) days or less in advance of your move in date will be subject to late rates.


Rental of computers, fax machines, copiers, etc is available through ENCORE GLOBAL.  Please contact a ENCORE GLOBAL representative directly at 760-322-8455, for further details.


The PSCC has a parking lot located to the east of the facility (Caballeros Lot) and a lot southwest of the facility (Andreas Lot).  Other surrounding parking areas and vacant land are private property and therefore, vehicles parked on such property are subject to removal at the owner’s expense.

Parking for mobility impaired visitors is available in both lots with drop off areas at the main entrance, located on Alvarado Road.

Parking in fire lanes, loading dock areas or any other location posted as “No Parking” is not permitted.  Unauthorized vehicles will be removed at owner’s expense.

Overnight parking of all private vehicles, including RVs in the PSCC parking lots is prohibited by City Ordinance.

Tradeshow Contractors should make arrangements with the Event Manager for parking of trucks/trailers.  All personnel/riggers, etc. should park in the PSCC designated parking areas.  All van lines & trailers are to be staged in an area approved by the Event Manager.


You are responsible for obtaining a City of Palm Springs Business License for your event and for each exhibitor selling or taking orders while exhibiting in the PSCC.  The licenses must be purchased in advance of the show opening date.

The City of Palm Springs requires that all Tradeshow Contractors working at the PSCC obtain a City of Palm Springs Annual Business License or a Daily Business License.

Your Event Manager will assist you by providing a copy of the Temporary Event Permit request form.  You are welcome to contact the Business License Department of the City of Palm Springs directly at City Hall, 3200 East Tahquitz Canyon Way, Palm Springs, CA 92262, or by telephoning 760-323-8231.


Power cables and lines may not block ingress/egress and/or any emergency exit doorways.  ALL power cables must be flown up and over emergency exits.  For additional details on this Fire Code, please contact your Event Manager.

Cable ramps/yellow jackets are only permitted in backstage areas with prior approval.  Please make arrangements with the Event Manager thirty (30) days in advance of arrival.


Recycling is part of the PSCC’s operating philosophy.  The PSCC recycles paper, cardboard, plastic, cans, bottles, wood pallets and more.

We also have a composting program in place with assistance from our in house caterer, Savoury’s.  Please contact your Event Manager for more details.

We also welcome customer participation in our “Trash to Treasures” program, which donates left over articles to local charities at the conclusion of each exhibit and/or tradeshow.


Rigging in the Exhibit Halls

The Tradeshow Contractor must provide a licensed contractor who is certified to hang banners and/or signage from the Oasis 1 & Oasis 4 steel beams and Oasis 2 & Oasis 3 floating grid.  The contractor must use proper hanging equipment for safety measures, and must provide a secondary safety in case of failure.

– Banners and/or signage that weigh less than 50 lbs., and do not require a motor to hang, can be hung from the  floating grid in Oasis 2 & 3.

– Banners and/or signage that weigh over 50 lbs. must obtain ENCORE GLOBAL’s & PSCC’s approval to hang the elements and must complete the ENCORE GLOBAL rigging form http://riggingadvance.Encore Global.com. ENCORE GLOBAL must supply all steel and/or motors used for rigging from the ceiling.

– ENCORE GLOBAL’s rigging supervisor will determine rig call and crew, based upon client needs.

Other rigging within the Facility

For productions and/or galas, all rigging is exclusive to ENCORE GLOBAL

– Hanging items from the ceiling of the Primrose Ballrooms is exclusive to ENCORE GLOBAL

– For hanging light weight banners/signage in any other areas of the PSCC, please contact your Event Manager

for details.


Room capacities vary with the addition of staging, dance floors or audio-visual equipment.  Please check with your Event Manager to confirm room capacities prior to preparing room specifications for your event.  Changes in the set-up once the room is set will result in additional charges.


Facility Security

Our professional personnel maintain 24-hour security coverage for the facility.  They monitor Fire Life Safety Systems and are responsible for securing all interior and exterior doors.

Event Security

Load In/Load Out Security coverage is required by the PSCC.  A minimum of three (3) guards will be required during these periods, but the final determination on the number of guards will be evaluated and confirmed by your Event Manager.

Security may be required for other aspects of your event and will be dependent upon the size of the show, the type of show, expected attendance, amount of drayage and other factors.  All required posts are exclusive to PSCC in-house security.  All requirements for armed security must be filled through your Event Manager by the Palm Springs Police Department.

Additional staffing for badge checkers, overnight security, etc. is at your discretion and expense.  Please place a request for security or additional staffing services through your Event Manager a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to your event.  Security personnel must be scheduled one half hour prior and one half hour after actual times in order to provide the proper level of service.

Palm Springs Police Department officers may be required depending upon the nature and expected attendance of an event.


Only service animals are permitted on the PSCC premises.


You are welcome to ship registration or staff office materials with prior approval from your Event Manager.  Fees for handling and storage will apply.  Any applicable fees associated with handling and storing your shipments will be applied to your settlement invoice.

Please be aware that due to storage limitations, we ask that shipments arrive no more than three (3) days prior to the date of your event.

Shipments must be addressed as follows:

Palm Springs Convention Center




277 North Avenida Caballeros

Palm Springs, CA 92262

Should you require assistance with shipping items at the conclusion of your conference, arrangements may be made with your Event Manager.

It is helpful to provide the Event Manager with the following information prior to the arrival of your shipment:

– Name of Sender

– Estimated delivery date

– Name of the shipping company (i.e. UPS, FedEx, Yellow Freight, etc.)

– Estimated size and quantity of packages


Shipment Type Handling Fee Storage Fee
Envelope No Charge No Charge
Package – Up to 50 lbs. $30 each $10 per package – per day
Package – 50-100 lbs. $100 each $25 per package – per day
Freight – Over 100 lbs. or pallets $500 each $100 per package or pallet – per day


Exhibitor Freight

Exhibitor shipments must be addressed directly to the Tradeshow Contractor.  In most cases the exhibitor will have shipped to the Contractor’s warehouse.  There are circumstances where an exhibitor will ship directly to the PSCC.  This is acceptable only when the Contractor is already on site for load in on the contracted date of occupancy.  Exhibitor freight arriving prior to the contracted date will be refused and the freight company will be asked to deliver on the occupancy date.  Redelivery will be at the discretion of the freight company.


The PSCC permanent graphics, signs or displays may not be visibly blocked in any manner, nor may temporary signs or decorations be attached to permanent building graphics.


The PSCC is a non-smoking facility.  Smoking is not permitted within the facility or within twenty-five (25) feet of any exterior entrance door.

Provisions can be made for a designated smoking area outside the facility upon your request.


No soliciting is permitted on the PSCC premises, which includes any portion of the PSCC building, parking areas and walkways.


Telecommunications services are provided exclusively by ENCORE GLOBAL and can be tailored to meet the needs of your guests and your exhibitors.  ENCORE GLOBAL provides connections to the Internet at broadband speeds.  All meeting rooms, ballrooms, and exhibit halls are equipped to accommodate hard-wired Ethernet connections and wireless network technology.  Analog direct inward dial (DID) lines are available for use with telephones, credit card machines and fax machines.  Internet access is not offered through DID lines.  Please contact a ENCORE GLOBAL representative at 760-322-8455 to discuss your telecommunications needs.

Internet access is provided exclusively by the PSCC through ENCORE GLOBAL.  We offer private and public high speed Internet access through our managed internal network with bandwidth capacities up to 100mb.  Our lobby, exhibit halls and meeting rooms are Ethernet ready at 100mb connection speeds to meet your networking requirements.  Our entire facility is also covered by a guest wireless access system with 802.11 g/b and 802.11a support including the ability to roam throughout the facility.  For users who require a public static IP address or those who use virtual private networking (VPN) we offer the Public access.  Please note that within the immediate vicinity of a network drop (such as in a booth or meeting/classroom) additional networking can be extended to multiple computers or devices.  Please contact a ENCORE GLOBAL representative at 760-322-8455 to discuss your Internet needs.


Please notify your Event Manager upon choosing a Tradeshow Contractor.  The Event Manager will work with the chosen Contractor to make any necessary arrangements for the exhibit hall.  You may request a list of Tradeshow Contractors from your Event Manager.


In the event that the premises are not vacated upon expiration of the contract term, the PSCC will remove, at your expense, all goods, wares, merchandise, equipment and property of any kind remaining.  The PSCC shall not be liable for any damages to or loss of such goods, wares, merchandise or property which may be sustained by reason of such removal.

You and your contractors are responsible for the removal and disposal of all tape, trash, crates, pallets, packing material, etc. prior, during and upon completion of use, at your expense.  Items are to be placed in the appropriate refuse or recycling bins located in the loading dock area.

Recycle containers are also made available throughout the facility and should be used whenever possible.


Please note the following rules for vehicles on display (motorcraft, boats, aircraft), inside the PSCC.  If you have any questions or special conditions please contact your Event Manager for consultation.  City of Palm Springs Fire Regulations, under the current code, regarding display of vehicles are as follows:

– Batteries shall be disconnected in an approved manner

– Vehicles or equipment shall not be fueled or defueled within the building or on the surrounding property

– Fuel in the fuel tank shall not exceed one-quarter of the tank capacity or five (5) gallons, whichever is less

– Fuel systems shall be inspected for leaks

– Fuel tank openings shall be locked and sealed to prevent the escape of vapors

– The location of vehicles or equipment shall not obstruct or block exits or exit signage

– Contractor to place visqueen & masonite along the vehicle path to protect the carpet during load in/load out

– Once vehicle is placed, visqueen to remain under the vehicle as carpet protection

– PSCC Facility Security will receive keys with a cell phone number and name of a responsible party.  The keys will remain with PSCC security until the conclusion of the event.

– Vehicle may not be relocated during show hours


Movement of airwalls and/or equipment may only be performed by PSCC personnel

Walls and doors must be protected from damage at all times.  Items may not be attached to or leaned against walls or doors, nor used to hold or prop doors open.


Complimentary water service is provided at head tables and speaker podiums

Specialized water service such as glasses/pitchers at each setting and/or water coolers for meeting and exhibit areas may be arranged through your Event Manager.