Prescott Preserve

Prescott preserve

The Prescott Foundation purchased more than 100 acre Mesquite Golf Course and donated it to Oswit Land Trust. The new name, Prescott Preserve, will honor and recognize the Prescott Foundation’s chair and president, Brad Prescott. Brad’s compassion, selflessness and generosity through this donation will leave a historical mark on Palm Springs and surrounding communities.

Prescott Preserve, when completed, will be lush with native plants and trees and will be a spectacular place for both humans and wildlife. It will include a large butterfly garden, a native celebration garden to honor and remember loved ones, designated bird watching areas, floats for migratory birds, educational signage, walking paths and more.

The Prescott Preserve will allow public access in designated areas and will welcome leashed dogs. They will be working with biologists, ecologists, representatives from the surrounding communities, CVAG and others to determine the best places for public access. The goal is to have areas to bike, walk, bird watch and sit but also have designated wildlife only areas. There are already existing paved paths throughout the property.