Palm Springs Community Garden

With a vision for healthy ecosystems and urban sustainability, the City of Palm Springs offers use of a community garden to residents.

The garden features planting beds for individuals or groups to rent and grow food or other plants. The garden has 32 plots for individual gardeners and also hosts more formal environmental and experiential learning programs administered by community groups.  There is a community meeting space, an orchard and a constructed shade structure at the garden to facilitate meetings and socialization. Located within a community park and adjacent to a community center, the community garden allows the city’s Community Services program to coordinate their activities and events with the garden space.

Healthy Neighborhoods Connection

Community gardens provide access to fresh produce and plants and contribute to neighborhood improvement, a stronger sense of community and connection to the environment.

Program Highlights

32 garden beds available for rental. 30 of these can be used by disabled and handicapped residents.

Space for meetings, events and community building.

Experiential education offered by local community groups.


The community garden is located in Demuth Park next to the community center. This allows for coordinating community center events and programs with the garden.