Recycling Stewardship

Single-Use Plastics and Eco-Friendly Alternatives

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The City of Palm Springs is constantly working to to find new ways of recycling with a goal of diverting over 90% of waste materials from landfills. These waste diversion efforts reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save energy, and reduce our nation’s need to extract raw materials.

No Plastic Food Service Ware

The City of Palm Springs is working to address the growing problem of plastics in our environment created by our disposable culture. Section 5.87 of the Palm Springs Municipal Code (Ordinance 2045) was added to help promote reusable food ware, rethink disposables, and reduce single use plastics to protect people and the planet. The requirements apply to all food vendors such as sit-down restaurants, fast food restaurants, bars, and hospitality venues.

Businesses must use reusable dishes and silverware for on-site dining.

Single use plastic condiment packages are prohibited. Straws, food wrappers, sleeves and bags cannot be plastic.

To-go containers made of polystyrene foam is prohibited. Use only fiber-based disposable accessories.

Palm Springs provided businesses up to $750 in assistance to help transition to the new ordinance.

Foodware Fact Sheet

Bottle & Can Redemption

Ponce Recycling Center behind Ralph’s Groceries at Smoketree Village Shopping Center (1775 E. Palm Canyon Dr.) is a new recycling center that will pay you for your CRV bottles and cans and other recyclable materials.

Organics Recycling

CA SB 1383

The State of California passed SB 1383 to reduce landfill emissions resulting from food waste and green/landscape waste being sent to landfills. This new law changes the existing requirements for multi-family residential complexes to require that you collect and appropriately manage food waste from residents in addition to green/landscape waste.

This has several implications for owners and managers of multi-family residential complexes:

Requires a subscription to organics management services from Palm Springs Disposal Services or self-haul the organic materials to an appropriate composting or green waste management facility.

Requires making room for carts or bins for residents to recycle food waste, even if  contracting with a landscaper to manage your green waste.

Must make accommodations for all three waste streams – trash, organics, and recycling.

Assembly Bill 341

Assembly Bill 341 made recycling mandatory for all businesses that generate four or more cubic yards of waste per week.  All Palm Springs’ businesses and multifamily dwellings that generate this amount of waste per week must have a recycling service.

These businesses must provide customers with a commercial solid waste recycling bin and organic waste recycling bin to collect material purchased on the premises, as appropriate. It does not apply to full-service restaurant that have a recycling and organics program already in place.

Edible Food Recovery

Food recovery means collecting edible food that would otherwise go to waste and redistributing it to feed people in need. This is the highest and best use for food that would otherwise go to waste. Feeding hungry people through food recovery is the best use for surplus food and a vital way for California to conserve resources and reduce waste thrown in landfills. SB 1383 requires certain food businesses to donate the maximum amount of edible food they would otherwise dispose, to food recovery organizations.

Sustainability food recovery

Food Recovery Organizations/ Food Donation Resources in Palm Springs:

FIND Food Bank – (760) 775-3663

Desert Chapel – (760) 327-2772

St. Teresa’s Food Pantry – (760) 323-2669

The Center – (760) 416-7790

Special Collections

Periodically or on request, the City of Palm Springs works with Palm Springs Disposal Services (PSDS) and other providers to facilitate disposal and recycling of special items. This includes designated event days for things like shredding paper and collecting electronic waste, such as phones and computers.

Free residential pickup is available for bulky items including appliances, furniture, eWaste, and tires. This free service includes 2 bulky items per month.

Waste Drop-off

Palm Springs Regional Permanent Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility – 1100 Vella Road, Palm Springs, CA  92262

Residents can bring up to 125 pounds or 15 gallons of chemical waste per trip. Individual containers should be no more than 5 gallons or 50 pounds. Items include: household cleaners, syringes, oil or water-based paints, chemicals, motor oil and filters, electronics, Mercury products and batteries.