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Something New at Old Ranch Inn

Saddle Up for Serenity

Old Ranch Inn Is Your Home Away from Home on the Range

Palm Springs is the land of balance. We have amazing attractions as well as the quiet seclusion you crave. Downtown is vibrant and modern, yet it is situated mere yards from the rugged San Jacinto Mountains. The twin legacies of rustic pioneer grit and Hollywood glamour echo from our history and into our current consciousness.

This dichotomy of down home charm and upscale amenities is on full display at Old Ranch Inn.

Old Ranch Inn pool

“It’s an older property,” narrates owner Jason Ball. “It was built in the early days of the Tennis Club. We are in that Tennis Club neighborhood. In the eighties, it was renovated by owners Larry and Ed. They really leaned into that Western theme and the cowboy theme. We are updating it to a more modern Western theme. We’re going to keep the entrance and most of the hard stucco and those nice parts of the west. Then we’ll contemporize the furnishings and update it that way.”

Old Ranch Inn pool

Jason’s husband, Troy Jones, chimes in with a welcoming baritone. “It’s a small property with eight rooms. Most of the rooms either open up to the pool, or are a few feet away from the pool. It is a very intimate property.” Some rooms have fireplaces and all have large modern bathrooms, a kitchenette, microwave, wet bar, refrigerator, coffee maker and toaster. They also have semi-private back patios with views of the San Jacinto mountains. Old Ranch Inn is inclusive and dog friendly.

Owners of Old Ranch Inn

The duo overlaps enthusiastically as they espouse the virtues of their brilliant boutique surroundings. “Because there are only eight rooms, there are only 16 people that can be on property at all times. So, I think people coming out of COVID are looking to socialize, but not too much. You don’t have to share an elevator with anybody. There are no long corridors.”

Putting a finer point on his pitch, Jason continues, “It’s a nice a place for that first trip.”

A hallmark of great hospitality is camaraderie, and Old Ranch Inn offers inclusion by the mile. They are thrilled to sing the praises of their neighbors because, for Jason and Troy, collaboration is more important than competition.

“The location is fantastic,” beams Jason. “We’re three blocks from downtown on one side, and then the  historic Tennis Club is a couple of blocks west. Spencer’s Restaurant is right there, and then there are hiking trails within a short distance too, so you could leave here and hike, bike, shop or just go out.” It’s less than a 10 minute walk to the Palm Springs Art Museum and the heart of the city.

Jason’s ebullience overflows as he adds, “The downtown bars and restaurants are very walkable too. It’s whatever you’re looking for.”

Front View Old Ranch Inn

Slogans spill effortlessly from Jason’s mouth, perhaps due to the fact that he worked in local news as the News Director for KTLA for 30 years before relocating to Palm Springs. “We both recently retired from our corporate jobs and decided that this would be a nice plan B, to come here and start a business.”  Troy has extensive experience in the hotel realm — his first job was as a front desk clerk at a Best Western, and he spent 30 years as a hospitality industry consultant.  The last several months have been a “great adventure,” Jason says, as they transitioned to their new careers as hoteliers.

And business is booming. Old Ranch Inn has leveraged Troy’s experience in the hotel industry and harvested a sense of loyalty that is refreshing in this hustle bustle era.

Old Ranch Inn pool

“One of the things that surprised us is the number of guests who checked in, or they booked a day or two, and then they’re like, ‘Oh, can we stay another night?’ We had that several times in the last couple of weeks. One couple in particular, they extended one day at a time, for three days. They came for two days and ended up staying for five days. I think that says a lot about the property and the atmosphere.”

With their foundation of friendliness firmly in place, the inviting innkeepers are building ever stronger.

“Palm Springs is a great destination and we hope to be able to add to its worth,” Troy concludes.

Room at Old Ranch Inn

“The thing that we’re really trying to create is that oasis,” declares Jason. “That hideaway that people can have. Then, if they want more, they can walk to wherever they need to go, or whatever they want to do. That’s a big draw. There’s plenty to do, or you can come here and do nothing.”

Nothingness has never felt so fulfilling. To hang your hat at the warmest welcome west of the Mississippi, jingle your spurs over to Old Ranch Inn. Giddy-up!

By Kevin Perry


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