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A Guide to Palm Springs Art Galleries

angle as shag

By Barbara Beckley

Love art?  Break out of the norm and head to Palm Springs. From classic to contemporary, abstract to still life, whimsy to thought-provoking, Palm Springs is on the leading edge of world class art.

If you know where to look!

Here’s our guide to the city’s in-the-know galleries. Showcasing the works of renowned artists – and equally important for collectors and those of us beginning to collect – top emerging artists. In all mediums: painting, prints, sculpture, ceramic, photography, mixed media, metal, clay, cement, you name it — even shoe art!

Just like we love Palm Springs, so do talented artists who derive inspiration from the dazzling landscape and lifestyle. “There is such a connection between the soul and nature here that you can’t find anywhere else,” says Palm Springs artist and gallery owner Steven Janssen.

Whether you’re appreciating or collecting, here’s where to go.

Downtown Palm Springs Art Galleries

Stewart Galleries

Stewart Galleries is a must-visit for original oil paintings by well-known Californian and American Impressionist, Modernist and Plein Air painters, and paintings and sculpture by listed European and South American artists. See the works of John Newman, Aldo Luongo and John Brock Lear, to name a few, along with new and upcoming talent in endless styles and mediums. This gallery also boasts one of the largest collections of English, Continental, and American Majolica available to the public. If this isn’t enough, you’ll also find a comprehensive collection of American and European estate furnishings, lighting, and accessories. “The kind of selection worth passing down to future generations,” say co-owners George Resner and Phil Kieffer.

stewart gallery

Gary Dorothy Imageville

Gary Dorothy Imageville, located just steps away, showcases the fine art photography of Palm Springs’ own photographer Gary Dorothy. Recognized nationally and internationally for his landscapes and architectural works, Dorothy’s keen eye captures the essence of his subjects, creating artworks that are visually striking and emotionally evocative. Through landscapes that showcase the beauty of the desert and architectural themes, Dorothy celebrates the diversity and vibrancy of life in classic black-and-whites, and vibrant color. Choose them as framed fine art pieces, or as decorative canvases.

Imageville, Gary Dorothy

Lost Your Mind Art Gallery

Haven’t we all… You’re sure to go ga ga over the dreamlike and imaginative works that challenge our perception of reality at the Lost Your Mind Art Gallery. This Palm Springs art gallery takes art seriously. Presenting a diversity of emerging and established artists in original paintings and drawings with an emphasis on abstract expressionism. Also pop art, and the edgy vibe of street artists. In mediums including oils, acrylics, sculptures, installations, and experimental mixed media multi-dimensional pieces. Expect bold colors, dynamic compositions, and a sense of movement – with unexpected juxtapositions, symbolic imagery, and fantasy. And the lauded scenes of Palm Springs by Patrick William Kelley.


Janssen Art Space Gallery

If it’s good enough for celebs like Jennifer Aniston, Mario Lopez, and Lucy Lui, it’s good enough for us. And dedicated art enthusiasts, who collect the contemporary organic/abstract acrylic on canvas works of Palm Springs’ artist Steven Janssen displayed at his Janssen Artspace. He also shows works by numerous fellow contemporary artists. Think abstracts by Mark Brosmer, Nurit Avesar, Steven Silverstein and Crystal Michaelson. That whimsical fish swimming in a high heel by Paco May. And a Modernist house rendering by midcentury super architect Donald Wexler. Coincidence that the Janssen Art Space is in a building designed by Donald Wexler in the early 1960s?

Janssen Artspace painting

The Lofts Art District

The Lofts Art District at Sun Center is a vibrant and creative community that celebrates the arts. Located downtown, this district is home to numerous art galleries, studios, and creative spaces. It is a hub for established and emerging artists, offering diverse artistic expressions. From contemporary paintings and sculptures to photography and mixed media installations, there is something to inspire and captivate every art enthusiast.

Big Mike Art

Uptown Design District Art Galleries

The Shag Store

It’s not an art visit to Palm Springs without a visit to The Shag Store. Artist Josh Alge, a.k.a. Shag, captures the spirit of Palm Springs modernism and tiki fun in bold colors, bolder characters, and whimsical themes. Choose from dozens of his original works and fine art prints. Also, due to his works’ popularity, cool Shag-themed merch from cocktail glasses to men’s ties, charm bracelets to pillows. Be sure to ask about the next Saturday evening Release Party. They’re free. With comp wine, a live band, and Shag in person to sign his newest work.

shag store

Rubine Red Gallery

If your genre is original midcentury works, Rubine Red Gallery is your go-to. They’re specialists in 1950s -‘60s midcentury contemporary visual artists. And the exclusive estate representative of Palm Springs’ painter Reginald Pollack, world-renowned Midwest printmaker Malcolm Myers, Lynne Mapp Drexler, and others, as part of its “The Estate Collection.” And there’s more. You’ll also find excellent works from the New Contemporary Art movement in California, the Midwest and beyond, from established and emerging artists. Plus, cool pop art, abstract expressionism, sculpture by Oliver Brooks; photography by Robert Murphy, and Gina Schock; mixed media from Nikki Virbitsky, and Jose Navarro; and paintings and illustrations from artists including Russ White, Shawna Gilmore, and Lori La Russo.

rubine gallery

Peri G. Fine Art

Described as “one of the most diverse contemporary artists in the world today,” international artist Peri G. (Peri Gutierrez), divides her time between hometown Santa Barbara and Palm Springs. Discover what she’s up to at Peri G. Fine Art Palm Springs. Whatever your art taste she’s got you covered. She’s a painter, illustrator, sculptor, and conceptualist of complex art installations. In mediums including oil, acrylic, encaustic, graphite, charcoal, metal, clay, and bronze. And genres including abstract, expressionism, modern figurative, cubism and pop. Her recent “Opulence Series” features silver leaf, mixed media on canvas with a hand-brushed skip coat resin finish. Don’t miss her “007 James Bond” pop art painting.

Peri G Fine Art Exterior

The Pit Gallery

Maybe you’ve seen their LA gallery. Now The Pit Gallery is in Palm Springs. Another example of Palm Springs’ clout within the art world. Specializing in emerging and mid-career contemporary artists, The Pit is a member of the New Art Dealers Alliance, repping 18 contemporary artists. Smile at the painting whimsy of California artist Keith Boadwee, like his “Frogs & Dogs.” Also, the works of Gabrielle Garland, Liz Markus, and thought-provoking photographs by Heather Rasmussen. Peruse themes from landscapes and domestic to exotic, abstract, surreal, psychedelia, the graphic arts, and underground comics. Mostly acrylics and oils. Some sculptures. All curated by artist co-owners Adam D. Miller and Devon Oder.


The Michael Weems Collection

What a collection it is! With a background at Gucci and Tiffany & Co., artist Michael Weems goes outside the box, with a pop art kind of style, cheeky humor and Pride themed pieces from prints, sculpture and art photographs to original dishes, jewelry and tabletop pieces at The Michael Weems Collection. A go-to since 2004, Weems more conservative creations have been used as presidential gifts for heads of state. Enjoy his artist works from Lucite sculptures to the popular prints “Daisies – Sexy Gerber Daisies.” Have fun with his designer dishes. Think “Louis Vuitton Lush” plates, and porcelain trays depicting Palm Springs’ iconic Sinatra estate, and Kaufmann house.

michael weems

The Trevor Pop Art Store & Gallery

An A-list choice for artistas with a sense of humor. Palm Springs artist Trevor Wayne takes creativity to new levels of fun at The Trevor Pop Art Store & Gallery. How better to remember Palm Springs’ modernist architecture than with a “Terrazzo Breeze Block Sculpture” of crushed glass and white cement by Jonathan Minton. Nearly every midcentury house has a breeze block wall. And Wayne’s iconic original pop art with familiar references, flipped to be fun. Perhaps a limited-edition hand-inked block print of Wayne’s “Frankenstein,” with bananas instead of screws in his neck. Or one of his incredible neon art pieces. The museum quality neon accent print on metallic archival paper, “Neon 80s Girl,” has pink neon earrings. (With an on/off and dimmer switch.) Don’t worry. You don’t have to spend big bucks. He’s also got his pop art images on hats, apparel, mugs, puzzles. Even greeting cards. Who can resist his birthday card with his ‘60s woman smoking a cigarette, captioned “It’s Your Birthday? I thought you died years ago.”

trevor wayne

Off The Beaten Path Palm Springs Art Galleries

Well not really. These two galleries are easy to visit. They’re just in other areas of Palm Springs.

The Koren Gallery

Adjacent to the Uptown Design District, The Koran Gallery, located at 383 North Indian Canyon Drive, is a wonderful find for drawings, paintings, and mixed media contemporary 20th and 21st century works by up-and-coming young American artists. View the pop art of Ron English. Abstract works by Palm Springs artist Jeffrey King. The bold colors of Joshua Jenkins. And 20th Century mixed media abstracts of Barry LeVa, Lynne Flexner Berger, and others.

Brian Marki Fine Art

A short drive to South Palm Springs, and you’ll discover a unique collection of post war, modern and emerging contemporary artists’ paintings, sculpture, and photography at Brian Marki Fine Art. Located at 907 Lawrence Crossley Road, Marki Fine Art has been a Palm Springs institution for more than 40 years, showcasing the works of 25 local, national, and international artists in abstract, impressionism, realism, plein air, photography, and sculpture.

Backstreet Art District

An art world of its own. The Backstreet Art District in South Palm Springs is a one-stop connection to the working studios and galleries of many of Palm Springs’ locally, nationally, and internationally recognized contemporary artists. Showcasing original art for all tastes and budgets. Paintings, serigraphs, ceramics, photography, mixed media, lithography. Ask about the “First Wednesday Art Walk,” 5 – 8 p.m., to meet the artists, and sip wine, the first Wednesday of each month.

backstreet sign

Among the galleries to see:


David A. Clark Studio

“Arrows” are a favorite theme of artist David A. Clark, created and displayed in innovative works of cast glass, print, paper and fabric at his David A Clark Studio.

Galleria Marconi

Vivid colors, black lines – Palm Springs’ crazy popular “shoe art” – and other artistic whimsy and pop art by Marconi Calindas will brighten your day at Galleria Marconi. Look out! His works have been at Coachella! In ceramic, glass, print, paintings, canvas. Even real shoes – topsiders ink on canvas (size 8 only).

The Gary Wexler Serigraph Studio

Original screen-printed art on paper – each unique, a monoprint – showcases the personal art of popular desert graphic designer, Gary Wexler (son of midcentury architect Donald Wexler), at his Gary Wexler Serigraph Studio. Thoughtful. Abstract. Still life – a bowl of fruit composed of geometric shapes. Using type to isolate its curvaceous forms and replay pop culture phrases such as “Do The Right Thing.” Inks, layered colors, and textures. Wexler even transforms his rejects into collages with intersecting and overlapping forms and phrases in different colors and textures.

Kevin Goddess Gallery

Abstract. Groupings of geometric and organic shapes. Heavily inspired by nature and the modern urban landscape. Artist/musician Kevin Goddess divides his paintings and his time between his Kevin Goddess Gallery in Palm Springs and New York City. “My paintings are rendered in energic, broad strokes of acrylic paint, and the compositions through intuitive improvision,” he says.

Ola Vista Studio

Big and bold! Splashy, thick acrylics. Metallics. The versatile art of Russell James Carlson of Palm Springs shines bright at his Ola Vista Studio. Look for impressionist landscapes, seascapes, clouds, cosmic, contemporary, and midcentury among his more than 200 works.

Roscoe Ceramic Gallery

Direct from San Francisco and now permanently in Palm Springs! The Roscoe Ceramic Gallery is your go-to for all things ceramic. Peruse Belleek-style works by Malia Landis. The whimsical Western themes of Wesley Anderegg. Still life of Claudia Tarantino. Otto Heino-style pots and much more.

Stephen Baumbach Gallery

Like a mini art museum, the Stephen Baumbach Gallery offers a range of genres in rotating exhibits. Fine art photography – always – by acclaimed desert photographer Stephen Baumbach. Also, some of the hottest artists in the desert such as impressionist paintings by David Doherty. Sculpture by Gene “Grazi” Phillips. Abstracts by Jeffrey Tover, and Chad Sain. Photography by Dan Dozier, and Patrick V. Walsh.

Stephen Baumbach Photography desert

Tim J. Leary Gallery

The juxtaposition of forms, colors, and textures. This is the focus you’ll see at his Tim J. Leary Gallery. In mixed-media, and abstract paintings. Says Leary, “A beautiful shape is beautiful wherever you find it. You might find it in nature, or it might be a peculiar angle you notice in a room.” Leary strives to take the angles, shapes and colors that appear beautiful to him and create images that are evocative and evoke emotional responses.

Tom Ross Gallery

If artist Tom Ross Rosenberg’s unique artwork looks familiar it may be because you’ve seen it on Sonoma wine labels. Visit the Tom Ross Gallery and admire and wonder at his unique “reverse” painting technique – abstract acrylic-on-acrylic woven colors – up close and in full size.

T Santora Gallery

“Modern art at moderate prices.” This is the welcome mantra of artist T Santora, who divides his time between Palm Springs and Napa. T describes himself as a “process” artist, painting abstracts and images. See for yourself at his T Santora Gallery.

Skipton Art Gallery

Rhythm and texture define the abstract paintings of Keith Skipton, displayed at his Skipton Art Gallery. You’ll find muted colors with hints of landscapes, even a pear still life among his works. “My canvas is a drum,” he says. “I’ve painted a rhythm onto the surface of my works.”

Kee Gallery

The Kee Gallery is represented by three main artists; Kathleen Strukoff, Ernesto Ramirez, and Erich Meager. They bring energy and vitality to every event and interaction, infusing a sense of playfulness and joy into their gallery and their creations. Learn more about these artists here.

Kee Gallery Artists

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