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Sunny Dunes Art District

Silica Studios Clay

Located on the south side of Ramon Road and Gene Autry, Sunny Dunes Art District, also known as the SOTA or South of the Airport, is a new and exciting art district that is emerging, captivating the imagination and fueling the creative spirit of both artists and art enthusiasts alike. This dynamic cultural hub boasts an array of modern and innovative art studios where talented artists explore their craft with boundless passion and creativity.

With each brush stroke, this art district breathes life into the artistic landscape of Palm Springs. As this haven for artistic expression continues to blossom, it is undeniably igniting a renaissance in the realm of art and design. The presence of these new studios not only showcases the incredible talent within our community but also attracts visitors from far and wide, making our city a destination for art lovers around the globe.

In this burgeoning art district, the growth of art and design is flourishing, captivating minds and inspiring collaboration, ultimately shaping the cultural fabric of our city in remarkable ways.

Silica Studios

752 Williams Road

Silica Studios is now in its 20th year in Palm Springs. This is a clay-firing studio for artists with dedicated spaces where ceramic artists can create, glaze, and fire their clay artworks. Silica studios provide access to specialized equipment and facilities necessary for the ceramic process.

In this studio, artists work with cone 10 clay to create their pottery or sculptures. Cone 10 clay, also known as high-fire clay, is a type of ceramic clay that is fired at extremely high temperatures in a kiln. The term “cone 10” refers to the specific temperature range at which the clay is fired, which is approximately 2,400°F (1,315°C). This high firing temperature allows the clay to reach its maximum strength and durability.

Artists can access various tools such as pottery wheels, hand-building stations, and kilns. Many of their pottery pieces can be purchased in the Silica Studios gallery.

Open Monday – Friday, 8 am – 4 pm.

Saturday, 8 am – 2 pm

Closed Sunday. You may also call for an appointment at 760-325-7007

Silica Studios

Sean Russo

4631 E Sunny Dunes Road

Sean’s work is traditionally based, coming from his education in Dutch sill life and academic techniques. His subjects are flowers, fruit, and landscapes. Contact Sean at 917-207-4434 to make an appointment.

Sean Russo Sunnydunes Painting2


4629 E Sunny Dunes Road

Joe Dietl is a gay artist living in Palm Springs. He is deeply inspired by the vibrant and diverse community surrounding him. His paintings are a reflection of the people, places, and experiences that make up the fabric of this unique desert city.

At the heart of my work is celebrating gay life in Palm Springs and his special bond with his friends. From the bright colors Joe uses to the subjects that he depicts, his painting depicts the joy, love, and resilience that defines the LGBTQIA+ experience.

Contact to make an appointment.

Dietl Art Painting

Robert Trautman

4625 E Sunny Dunes Road

With a fine arts, brand design, and graphic design background, Robert uses photography and painting as a form of therapy and escapism. This allows him to tap into emotions, feelings, and ideas that don’t often fit in design. His paintings are acrylic on canvas.

Contact Robert at 614-657-9025 to make an appointment.

Robert Trautman Sunny Dunesthe_blue_sky_will_smother_us

Mr. Mann’s Design Gallery 

4501 E Sunny Dunes Road

Mr. Craig Mann is an accomplished fine arts painter winning contests at a young age.  He is also professionally trained and educated interior designer with a decade of satisfied clients in California, Arizona, and Colorado. He listens carefully to clients’ needs to create a living space or a piece of fine art to compliment the living space. For fine art, he can paint in the impressionistic style, the realistic style, or the abstract style. For interior design, he can use midcentury modern, traditional, transitional, or modern approaches, or blend a combination of all.

Call 760-409-6388 to make an appointment.

Craig Mann Sunny dunes Painting

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