Film in Palm Springs

In the world of film and fame, Palm Springs has been Hollywood's back lot since the 1930s. Besides being an outstanding vacation destination, Palm Springs International film festivals attract Hollywood stars and visitors throughout the year. Films, television series, commercials and photo shoots have been successfully produced here for years. 

Palm Springs’ unique and diverse architecture, landscape and locations provide spectacular opportunities for filming and photo shoots. From scenic snow-covered mountains to desert oasis, from mid-century modern architecture to wild-western desert, Palm Springs offers a stunning variety both indoors and outdoors.  Palm Springs has over 350 days of sunshine and is less than 2 hours from LA, which Palm Springs the perfect filming location.

Palm Springs is a Film Festival Destination:

• Palm Springs International Film Festival
• Festival of Native Film & Culture
• Palm Springs Film Noir Festival
• Palm Springs International Short Film Festival
• Cinema Diverse Film Festival

Many great productions have been shot in Palm Springs:
The Player(1992), Ocean’s Eleven(2001), Mission: Impossible III(2006), Diamonds Are Forever(1971), Sahara(1943), The Scorpion King(2002), Lost Horizon(1937), and many more.

Your Resource 
The Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism is your one source to provide you with all the information and services that you need for your film location and a hassle-free production. In one click, you can access information about vendors, locations, permit information and more.

Hospitality & Tourism Partners
We have many tourism partners in our City who are delighted to work with film and production crews.

Click on this link to find lodging, restaurants, attractions, tours, retailers and other businesses that can assist you with your production needs.

Find a Location 
• Palm Springs Film Alliance
• Locations Unlimited
• Locations 760

Film and Photo Shoot Permits 
The City of Palm Springs requires a film permit  for a motion picture or still photography within the City. Please contact Janice Lopez, City's film permit officer through the Parks and Recreation department. Download a permit 

Incentive Program:
(The incentive program has been fully committed for the year. Please check back periodically for updates) 

For movies and television shows, the City has a limited number of grants available to enable smaller productions the opportunity to film in Palm Springs. These limited grants to an individual company of $5,000 are met if the production expenditure totals a minimum of $25,000 within the City of Palm Springs. The expenses may be in lodging, meals, rentals, retail purchases, location/venue rentals, etc.

In addition, the movie/television show must acknowledge the City of Palm Springs in the credits.

To apply for this grant, please click on the link, fill out the application and send! Once submitted, you will receive a response that will let you know if any grant funds are still available. A subsequent expense report with receipts to verify your purchases will then be required.

Reimbursement may take 2-3 weeks.

• Production crews will profit from no permit fees in Palm Springs, discounts from local businesses, pro-rated discounts on select City Services and more. 
• As other destinations offer incentives from a local level up to a state-wide level, we can compete on the local level by offering attractive deals on exclusive services and housing for your crews and stars.

The Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism can assist with any questions and assistance with tourism partners that you may need. Contact Sarah Hahne or 760-322-8425.

The Film Permit Officer for the City can process your film permit and assist with location recommendations and resources: Contact Janice Lopez or 760-323-8272.