Spa Pampering at the Ace Hotel Adds to Restaurant Week -- or Anytime -- Fun

Posted By: Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What to do between wining and dining during Restaurant Week – or any Palm Springs weekend?

Consider self-indulging in The Feel Good Spa at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club. The hip hotel is offering the Easy Rider Package -- a $25 nightly resort credit through June 16 toward food, beverage or spa treatments. As the only resort spa using products by The Body Deli – locally made from raw organic produce grown in the Coachella Valley – it pairs perfectly with foodie fun.       


I popped in last week and experienced the new “Palm Springs Peel” by The Body Deli. It’s the first and only facial treatment made with organic Medjool dates grown just a few miles away in Indio. As promised, I left with baby-soft skin – and a “Palm Springs Glow.”


The “radiance enzyme” potion felt thick, creamy and cool as Nicole Vaisman, lead esthetician, lathered it onto my freshly cleansed face. I could almost feel the microscopic Medjool date sugar crystals and fresh citric acids polishing my skin – letting my renewed complexion shine through. The radiance enzyme is the key ingredient in this eight-step facial that gives your skin a healthy glow,” she said. Prior to this, Nicole double-cleansed my face using Almond Milk cleanser followed by fragrant Rose Geranium cleanser. Between each step, she swabbed on Cucumber Toner. “It contains real cucumber juice. Use can use it as often as you want,” she advised. 


Nicole also said I’d be getting “a lot of massaging.” She was right. As each lotion and potion worked its magic on my face, Nicole’s nimble fingers massaged lavender-scented aromatherapy oil into my neck, shoulders and arms. Aaah…I was in heaven – calm and relaxed. 


Laying face-up between crisp white sheets, I felt like I was in a large eccentric desert tent. The walls, windows and ceiling were smothered in mellow cream-colored canvas – “adult summer camp chic” – Nicole described. The Ace spa rooms are all converted guestrooms – so each has a full bathroom and shower. “Simple and effective” is the Feel Good Spa mantra, and it shows in the treatment rooms, the spa menu and the talent. Nicole owned a beauty studio in Burbank before recently moving to Palm Springs and joining the Ace.


“The Body Deli are really good products,” she enthused. “They’re up to date with active anti-aging ingredients and yet totally organic.” They are so fresh and raw in fact -- you have to keep them refrigerated. The Oatmeal and Honey masque was as wonderful as it sounds, followed by Hydra-Mist with peptides that stimulate the skin to produce collagen, according to Nicole. My 60-minute session finished with an application of Vital-C serum followed by Solar Day Cream moisturizing sun block and Flax Eye Cream to tone and delete puffiness. “Always apply Vital-C before sunscreen,” Nicole emphasized. Vitamin C provides good bacteria action and enhances the effectiveness of the sunscreen. She also recommended using a mineral-base sunscreen. 


The Palm Springs Peel is $125 for 60 minutes; $175 for 90-minutes. See  



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