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Unique Accommodations

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Discover Boutique Resorts Unique to Palm Springs

By Kevin Perry

Every vacation adds to your life story. When you return home, you regale your friends and family with tales of where you went, what you ate, and where you stayed.  After all, how else can you make them jealous?

A trip to Palm Springs will provide your narrative with its most memorable chapter yet. Our unique accommodations are a cacophony of unexpected, underrated, unparalleled destinations unto themselves. Each of the following hotels offers something memorably luxurious in a town that redefines the term unique every day with every stay…

Amin Casa

Amin Casa

Are you ready for your close-up? Because this glamorous getaway allows you to live like Hollywood royalty in the very residence that Gloria Swanson called home. The legendary Sunset Boulevard star graced Amin Casa’s 2-bedroom suite as well as their nearby 1-bedroom bungalow, just two of the seven signature abodes available for rent. The accommodations are so grand, you can’t help but echo Swanson’s iconic phrase, “I am big; it’s the pictures that got small!”

The Rossi

Talavera Palm Springs

Why leave the comfort of your suite when decadence is knocking at your door? This unique Palm Springs accommodation pampers you with in-room massage services and spa flourishes such as aromatic pleasantries, reflexology, and even pre-natal specialty services upon request. You’ll be vacationing for two! Speaking of appetites, The Talavera also provides in-room dining options, complete with your own personal chef and musical accompaniment. Behold, the sweet sound of indulgence…

Sparrows Lodge

Sparrows Lodge

Rustic yet regal, this farm themed throwback resort is harvesting rave reviews by the bushel. Disconnect from the distractions of modern life in a placid environment free of phones and televisions. But don’t worry; they have WiFi. Simmer in a bathtub shaped like a horse trough, cozy up to desert nights by the fire pit, and dig into hearty eats at The Barn Kitchen. Over dinner, gossip about this resort’s celebrity lineage, including the rumor that Elizabeth Montgomery got married here (when it was known as the Red Barn). Bewitching indeed!


Villa Royale

Villa Royale

Move over, Blanche Devereaux, because this lanai is serving fresh gourmet coffee every morning, compliments of the resort. It’s the perfect start to a day in paradise, complete with three separate pools, all with majestic mountain views. Snack the evening away at Del Rey, their bar and restaurant stocked with tapas and tantalizing cocktails. Once the buzz wears off, work off those succulent calories on a bicycle ride through town – Villa Royale rents custom designed Electra bikes for your convenience and cool cache.

Caliente Tropics

Caliente Tropics

Bust out your grass skirts (you too, fellas) and get freaky with the tiki! This Polynesian themed establishment is as cozy as it is colorful, adorning every nook and cranny with South Pacific quirkiness. Even the tissue holders are shaped like Easter Island edifices! Bask in the balmy waters of the outdoor hot tub before toweling off and enjoying or a cocktail at The Reef Bar adjacent to your resort.

La Maison

La Maison

As the name suggests, this lavish hotel transports you to the heights of European luxury, sparing no details and serving maximum satisfaction. You are greeted with a beverage at check in and delighted with fresh Napa Valley lavender every day. But just because La Maison is upscale, that doesn’t mean you can’t get down with some fire-grilled grub; guests have access to barbecue facilities as they celebrate happy hour with yet another beverage. We’re sensing a pattern here… and we love it!


Korakia Pensione

Here’s lookin’ at these Moroccan villas, reminiscent of the charismatic allure associated with Casablanca. Dignitaries from Winston Churchill to Errol Flynn to Rudolph Valentino are rumored to have cavorted here, but that’s just one facet of this resort’s elegant profile. It also features Mediterranean villas with a breezy European quality and North African accents of exotic style. You’ll lose yourself in the fantasy of the Greek Islands as fast as you can say “Opa!”

La Serena

La Serena Villas

The foundations of this foothill retreat date back to 1933, but it experienced a Renaissance under the skilled tutelage of the visionary architect May Sung in 2016. This Palm Springs accommodation is a collection of picturesque views and pitch-perfect accessories, connecting each room with a thread of restrained style and sophisticated emphases. The establishment spins off to Azucar, a freewheeling eatery bursting with colors and flavors galore. Upstairs, experience the rooftop realness of Sugar High, a rooftop cocktail enclave that overlooks yet another draw to the property: Whispers Spa. Every twist and turn of this sprawling estate is vivid with character yet understatedly pleasing and serene.

Ingleside Inn

Ingleside Estate 

It’s the eternal dilemma: you want another drink, but you just can’t bear to get out of the swimming pool. Well, that’s not an issue at Ingleside Estate (formally Ingleside Inn), where poolside refreshments are available at the snap of your well-pruned fingertips. Dilemma solved! This resort is scrumptiously adjacent to Melvyn’s Restaurant & Lounge, a retro eatery known for their Steak Diane with a side of top-notch nightclub entertainment. Style is served!

Casa Cody Adobe House

Casa Cody

The lush landscaping of this resort encroaches on the pool area with zeal and appeal. You’ll feel like you’re immersed in a Monet watercolor, dabbled with otherworldly hues and shimmering with intrigue. The history of this 1920’s vanguard abode overflows with pedigree; it’s named for its founder, Harriet Cody, who counts Buffalo Bill Cody as one of her cousins. Four of the guestrooms were transplanted from Los Angeles after their use in the 1932 Olympics. Charlie Chaplin is just one of the many luminaries who hung his bowler hat at Casa Cody, foreshadowing its staying power in these ever Modern Times.

Each of the aforementioned unique Palm Springs accommodations will leave their own fingerprint, and together, they form a proverbial handshake of hospitality, Palm Springs style.

Welcome to the unexpected… we’ve been expecting you.

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