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The Palm Springs Surf Club

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The Surf Club project is unique in that it is a retrofit of the former Palm Springs Wet n’ Wild waterpark wave pool, a site that provides both advantages and challenges. The original waterpark, built in 1986, was revamped and rebranded as Wet n’ Wild in 2013.

A wide variety of rental boards are available for surf session reservations or for purchase. Riding the wave starts at $100 for beginners (group of 12), $150 for intermediates (group of 12), and $200 for advanced (group of 9). All pricing subject to change.

Opening later in 2024, guests will also be able to enjoy a lazy river and waterslide attractions.

Palm Springs Surf Club Pools

Waikiki Pool

This is designed to be the ideal wave for beginners. Opening Springs 2024.

Intermediate A-Frames

In surfing, intermediate A-frames refer to wave formation when two waves converge at approximately a 90-degree angle, forming an “A” shape. This term is often used to describe waves suitable for intermediate-level surfers who have developed some skills and can handle more challenging conditions. Intermediate A-Frames provide a fun and varied surfing experience, allowing surfers to ride both left and right waves simultaneously or to choose their preferred direction based on their skill level and preference. It requires some expertise and technique to navigate these waves effectively and make the most out of the wave’s shape and energy.

The Palm Springs Surf Club A-Frames are designed to offer a split peak experience in which two surfers can ride in opposite directions on the same wave. A closeout section at the end is intended to be there for a finishing maneuver. They throw 3 wave sets at 15-second intervals between waves with approximately 1.5 minutes between sets. Public Hour Reservations

Advanced A-Frames

Advanced A-Frames are not for the faint of heart. These slabby cylinders allow surfers to pull in off the takeoff and come out in time to do one or two more turns if you are quick enough. The end section makes its presence known on these waves, it’s thick and powerful so bring all the power you can to it. These waves come in 3 wave sets with an 8-second interval between waves and approximately 1.5 minutes between sets.

Lefts & Rights

The lefts and rights extend the length of the ride in our pool by about 3-4 seconds and are designed to be user-friendly for skill levels from intermediate to pro. These are designed to offer a legit first section for a big turn and hold the face throughout the rest of the ride. The end section is playful and great for laybacks, or for the more technical surfer, the blow tail reverse has been a favorite. These waves are thrown out as a 3-wave set with 15 seconds between the waves and about one minute and twenty seconds between sets.

Private Surf Sessions

The Palm Springs Surf Club offers private sessions for a customizable and intimate surf experience, including wave profiles not offered in a public capacity. Here, you can repeatedly surf your favorite wave or switch the wave settings on demand. Our private selection includes our “Clean Easy Tube,” “The Slab,” “Air Section,” and more! Reservations are open. Call to book 760-422-9045 or email reservations@palmspringssurfclub.com.


Surf Club Luxury Cabanas

Located alongside the wave pool, the 17 private cabanas offer the perfect spot to wave watch while providing comfort and luxury. It is outfitted with misters and fans to stay cool while basking in the sun on plush loungers or taking a refreshing swim in the dip pools, exclusive for the cabanas.

If the views aren’t enough, your luxury cabanas also come equipped with flat-screen TVs to catch up on your favorite show or have another surf view. But that’s not all; the Surf Club team services the cabanas and offers a specially curated menu perfect for enjoying with your group of up to 8 guests.

Surf Club Cabanas

Palm Springs Surf Club Restaurants


When it comes to dining and drinks, we take pride in our meticulously crafted options. Our culinary team has curated a menu that delights the senses, offering a wide range of delectable dishes and refreshing beverages. Whether lounging by the pool or dining in one of our stylish restaurants, you’ll savor every moment of your culinary journey.

Surf Club Restaurant-Amala


Poolside at Drifters, Surf Club visitors can enjoy direct views of waves and mountains. Drifter’s menu showcases diverse, healthy options focusing on quality and sustainability. Drifters embodies relaxation and culinary excellence, from craft cocktails to delicious meals, all committed to supporting local food sources and sustainability.

Surf Club Restaurant-Res-Drifters

Island Bar

If you want to take a break from the poolside bliss, visit our Island Bar at the Palm Springs Surf Club for craft cocktails, local draft beers, and more.

Surf Clubis land-bar

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The Palm Springs Surf Club

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