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Stargazing Joshua Tree

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Stargazing Joshua Tree is pleased to host you, family, and friends for an entertaining evening of stargazing and astronomy under the world renowned dark skies of the Mojave Desert. Gaze out at the Milky Way, follow the planets on their journey, marvel at distant galaxies and star clusters, see the stunning colors of nebulae and make a wish upon the streak of the occasional meteor.

Explore the cosmos with multiple optical and digital telescopes, comfortable lounging pods, hot beverages, binoculars, blankets, and photography by a professional photographer. A highly educational and eye opening experience, you’ll leave with a better understanding of the universe around us and our place in it. Learn about the life and death of stars, which ones have planets like Earth and which are doomed to explode. Use constellations to find north and planets in the sky, gaze into the spiral arms of a massive galaxy and witness baby stars being born.

Walk through a scale model of the solar system and explore the other worlds around our sun. Get a feel for the layout of our neighborhood before venturing deeper into the scale of the Universe. Find awe in the speck of dust we call Earth and gain a new perspective on our place in space and time. See constellations and astronomical objects drawn out with a high powered laser pointer while hearing mythological stories that have been shared throughout millennia.

Starting shortly after sunset, this 2-hour experience is the perfect way to end a day in the desert. Leave the world behind and join us in the cosmic pursuit of knowledge. The Universe awaits you!

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Stargazing Joshua Tree

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