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Soulglow Aura is a fun and welcoming studio and shop specializing in Aura Photography.

How Aura Photography Works

Aura photography is a fascinating technique that aims to capture and visualize the human aura. The aura refers to the subtle energy field that surrounds and emanates from a person’s body. It is believed to contain information about their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual state.

The process of aura photography typically involves using a specialized camera that captures the electromagnetic field around the subject. This is achieved by measuring the electrical conductivity of the skin at various points, usually by placing the subject’s hands on special sensors or plates. The camera then translates these measurements into a visual representation of the aura.

The resulting aura photograph usually depicts a colorful and radiant energy field around the person. Each color is associated with different aspects of the individual’s being, such as emotions, personality traits, and overall well-being. For example, blue might indicate calmness and communication skills, while red could represent passion and determination. Interpretation of the colors and patterns within the aura is often subjective and depends on the practitioner or photographer’s understanding of energy and symbolism.

Soulglow Aura Photography Supports Local

Shop the collection of crystal jewelry, scented oils, aura sprays, hand-selected crystals, books, and more. The shop proudly showcases female-owned businesses local to the Coachella Valley and Southern California with unique goods to complement energy exploration and healing, for personal use, souvenirs or gifts.

Service appointments can be booked online and walk-ins are welcome based on availability. Soulgolw Aura Studio is female-owned by Angelina Mortarotti, a certified Reiki Master + Teacher and Akashic Consultant.


Soulglow features different workshops and events. The team also offers mobile, offsite events from smaller bachelorette parties to larger weddings or corporate events.

Located in Palm Springs’ Uptown Design District.

Soulglow Aura

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Soulglow Aura Photography

Locally Owned