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The Architecture and Design Center, Edwards Harris Pavilion is located in downtown Palm Springs. It is the first historic structure to be transformed into a free-standing architecture and design museum that is housed in a modern building in the U.S. The center was established as part of the Palm Springs Art Museum and primarily focuses on showcasing the unique architectural heritage of the region.

E. Stewart Williams

The mastermind behind this architectural gem is none other than E. Stewart Williams, a prominent American architect who made a significant impact on the modernist movement. Born on March 29, 1909, in Los Angeles, Williams grew up surrounded by creativity, with his father being an architect as well.

Williams gained widespread recognition for designing the iconic Desert Modernist style homes that became synonymous with the area. His work embraced the region’s natural beauty, utilizing large windows, open floor plans, and ample indoor-outdoor spaces to harmonize with the desert surroundings.

One of Williams’ most notable achievements is the design of the Architecture and Design Center itself. Originally known as Santa Fe Federal Savings and Loan, the building was completed in 1961. It showcases William’s expertise in merging form and function, creating a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Design Features

The building’s exterior features a clean and sleek design, with a striking white façade contrasting against the backdrop of the surrounding desert landscape. Inside, visitors are greeted by an open and airy space, flooded with natural light. The center’s layout provides the perfect setting for exhibitions, lectures, and community events, all aimed at celebrating and promoting the rich architectural history of Palm Springs.

Design Center Exhibits

The Architecture and Design Center offers a diverse array of exhibitions that highlight various aspects of architecture and design. From showcasing the work of renowned architects to exploring the evolution of different design styles, each exhibition provides visitors with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the creative process behind these magnificent structures.

In addition to its exhibitions, the center also hosts educational programs, workshops, and special events throughout the year. These initiatives aim to engage visitors of all ages and foster a greater appreciation for the role that architecture and design play in shaping our everyday lives.

Palm Springs Architecture Museum

If you find yourself in Palm Springs, make sure to visit the Architecture and Design Center to immerse yourself in the captivating world of modernist architecture and design. E. Stewart Williams’ innovative vision continues to inspire and leave an everlasting legacy in the heart of this desert oasis.

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Architecture and Design Center

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