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Desert Stewards Holistic Ecological Engagements

Off Road Adventures Adventure


Desert Stewards Holistic Ecological Engagement offers ATV (all terrain vehicle) tours of various desert landscapes. The tours begins at Chiriaco Summit, about 50 miles east of Palm Springs. It’s near the General Patton Memorial Museum.

Each engagement is exciting and a safe desert observation with low-speed electric vehicles with the intention for ecosystem protection, wellness and wholeness through natural energetic connection.

Desert Stewards at Chiriaco Plateau

The team at Desert Stewards engages on a mix of public and private lands within the Chiriaco Plateau. It is an elevated area characterized by a relatively flat terrain and is part of the Colorado Desert region. The plateau is known for its arid climate, desert vegetation, and stunning panoramic views of the surrounding desert landscape. It is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, offering opportunities for hiking, wildlife viewing, and enjoying the unique beauty of the desert ecosystem. This is a 3 hour tour.

Desert Stewards at Orocopia Mountains Wilderness

Additionally, Desert Stewards tours can occur on  the northern edge of Orocopia Mountains Wilderness. This is east of the San Andreas Fault and the Mecca Hills with about a 1,700 feet elevation. Engagements are holistically intentioned to allow guests the ability to recharge, refresh and engage with the incredible life zones of the Reserve.

Reservations required, please call or book online. Questions? Email engagements@desertstewards.com.

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Desert Stewards Holistic Ecological Engagements