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Trevor Wayne Pop Art Store and Gallery

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Trevor Wayne Palm Springs store and gallery showcases this artists pop art style prints and merchandise. Trevor’s unique style combines elements of pop culture, nostalgia, and a contemporary twist. His paintings often feature celebrities, iconic brands, and playful imagery that captivate viewers.

Trevor Wayne’s store provides a wonderful opportunity for art enthusiasts and collectors to experience his distinctive creations firsthand. Visitors can explore a wide range of his artwork, including original pieces, prints, and merchandise. The store offers a welcoming and immersive environment, allowing visitors to fully appreciate Trevor Wayne’s artistic vision. With his passion for pop art, Trevor Wayne has gained recognition both locally and internationally.

About Trevor Wayne

Trevor Wayne mines familiar references for his paintings, drawing on totems of consumerism and mainstream entertainment that are well-known to American audiences. Trevor’s artist statement is to simply “make people smile”, very often by taking dark imagery and flipping it.

  Trevor was influenced into a world of art by Saturday Morning Cartoons, and mass production of art he carried with him to school on backpacks, binders, and clothing. He attended the American Academy of Art in Chicago.

 Trevor Wayne was born in Chicago, lived on a blueberry farm in Michigan, lived in Hammond, IN (the town the classic “A Christmas Story” is based on), NYC, Los Angeles, and now resides in Palm Springs, CA.

Visit the Trevor Wayne store for all things his art, as well as a curated collection of other artists, books, and décor by Trevor Wayne! 

Trevor Wayne

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Trevor Wayne Pop Art Store and Gallery

LGBTQ Locally Owned