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Stinky Leaf

Cannabis & Tobacco
Locally Owned


Stinky Leaf was founded by two “buds”, yes, pun definitely intended, with an array of business experience as well as one of us being a U.S. military veteran who understands both the medicinal importance and recreational benefits that other vets can experience with cannabis.

Yet, something even loftier called to us. They wanted to break out of their own molds. And so, they sought out to provide something authentically good to all people, to all walks of life. They wanted to create a Palm Springs cannabis dispensary that celebrated individuality and free expression in a way that the city had never seen before.

They think some cannabis dispensaries are a bit too serious by striving to be the next Apple or Luis Vuitton of cannabis. But on the contrary, with such a unique commodity, the two blossoming buds thought the vibe should be quite the opposite. It should have its own special culture taking it back to its roots and reminding us all of how amazing and fun this lifestyle product can be. After all, shouldn’t the essence of the dispensary reflect the product it sells?

That’s why Stinky Leaf believes in celebrating what cannabis was truly meant for. It’s a great healing aid and a nod to the fun and simple things in life! Their mission is to respect the cannabis plant as respect their valued customers. They want the experience of coming to their dispensary to be as pleasant and fun at home as it was visiting our store.

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