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Silica Studios is now in its 20th year in Palm Springs. This is a clay-firing studio for artists with dedicated spaces where ceramic artists can create, glaze, and fire their clay artworks. Silica studios provide access to specialized equipment and facilities necessary for the ceramic process.

In this studio, artists work with cone 10 clay to create their pottery or sculptures. Cone 10 clay, also known as high-fire clay, is a type of ceramic clay that is fired at extremely high temperatures in a kiln. The term “cone 10” refers to the specific temperature range at which the clay is fired, which is approximately 2,400°F (1,315°C). This high firing temperature allows the clay to reach its maximum strength and durability.

Artists can access various tools such as pottery wheels, hand-building stations, and kilns. Many of their pottery pieces can be purchased in the Silica Studios gallery.

Contact them for wheel-throwing lessons or private lessons.

Silica Studios

Open Mon. – Fri., 8 am – 4 pm

Saturday, 8 am – 2 pm

Closed Sunday

Call for an appointment at 760.325.7007.

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Silica Studios