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Gré Records and Coffee

Vintage Shopping & Antiques
Locally Owned


Gré Records and Coffee is a record store that has coffee. This women-owned business was started in 2016 by best friends Kelly Segre & Jamie, who loved the days of spinning records and hanging out at the local coffee shop. They decided to have the best of both worlds. It is in the Henry Frank Arcade across the street from the Hyatt Hotel Palm Springs.

Gré has transformed into a music lover’s paradise, offering a great selection of used records and books, art, performances, and coffee. With over 4,000 used records in stock, they are definitely more of a record store, although they sell coffee daily.

When you enter Gre Records and Coffee, it feels nostalgic. Think 80s New Wave, Disco, or Soul & Funk 45s. The knowledgeable staff at Gré Records are passionate about music and take pride in curating a collection that reflects their customers’ diverse tastes and interests. From rock and jazz to soul and funk, you can spend hours browsing through their extensive inventory and uncovering hidden gems you never knew existed. It’s a haven where music lovers can connect, share stories, and discover new artists together.


For general information, it is best to contact them through Instagram: @grecoffeehouse & @kellysegrephoto

Open Tue. – Thu, 9 am – 3 pm.

Fri. – Sun., 9 am – 6 pm. Open until 7 pm on Monday.

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Gré Records and Coffee

Locally Owned