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Double M Pottery

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Double M Pottery is the work of artist Mary McDonald (MM). Her passion for pottery began at later in her life and now she is dedicated to perfecting her craft. Mary’s unique style blends traditional techniques with contemporary design elements, resulting in stunning and one-of-a-kind pieces.

She is the happiest when her hands are in the mud creating a usable form out of a ball of clay. She thinks making pottery is a challenge and can never truly be mastered. It’s messy and unpredictable, and that’s why each of her pieces are unique.

The glazes she uses are lead free. They are also food and dishwasher safe. Due to each piece being handmade, sizes may vary.

Mary describes her pottery as modern organic with simple clean lines. She prefers that part of the finished surface be unglazed. She likes to see and feel glazed surfaces against the rough unglazed surface. Everything she sells is wheel thrown and handmade in her studio.

Doube M Pottery Mary McDonald

Double M Pottery is located at The Shops at 1345.

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Double M Pottery