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Bear Wear

Clothing & Accessories
LGBTQ Locally Owned


There’s a unique clothing store that has become a go-to destination for the fashion-forward plus-size gay men in the community. Bear Wear is not just any boutique – it’s a haven of trendy apparel, offering a wide range of fashionable options for those who celebrate their bodies and embrace their personal style.

A Safe Space for Everyone

Bear Wear prides itself on creating a safe and inclusive environment where men of all sizes can feel comfortable shopping for stylish clothing. The store’s warm and welcoming atmosphere immediately puts customers at ease, enabling them to fully express themselves while browsing the racks.

Bear Wear Style

Bear Wear offers an impressive selection of high-quality apparel, carefully curated to cater specifically to the needs and tastes of larger gay men. From casual wear to formal outfits, their range includes everything from t-shirts, jackets, and jeans to dress shirts, suits, and accessories. Each piece is chosen with great attention to detail, ensuring that customers always find the perfect balance between comfort, style, and fit.

The expanded inventory includes resort wear, swim wear, casual wear, leather wear, Nasty Pig uniform wear, underwear, cock rings and accessories for men. The sport shirts come in sizes from small to 5XL. Tank tops and t-shirts go all the way to 6XL.

Inclusivity as a Core Value

One of the driving forces behind Bear Wear is its commitment to inclusivity. The store recognizes that fashion should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their body type or personal style preferences. By offering a diverse range of sizes and styles, Bear Wear empowers its customers to embrace their uniqueness and feel confident in their own skin.
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For the plus-size gay men, Bear Wear is more than just a clothing store; it’s a sanctuary where they can explore fashion without judgment and create their own unique style. By prioritizing inclusivity, offering tailored guidance, and fostering a sense of community, Bear Wear has solidified its position as a must-visit destination for those who want to embrace their bodies and rock trendy outfits. So, be sure to pay a visit to Bear Wear and discover the perfect ensemble that reflects your true, authentic self.

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