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Artist Kevin Goddess earliest and fondest memories include being completely absorbed in drawing and painting. He grew up in Allentown, PA, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Kutztown University.

Influenced early on by his uncle– a songwriter and radio DJ, Kevin developed a deep love of music. After college, he chose a path less traveled, touring and recording for more than a decade as a drummer in an indie rock band.

Subsequently, he moved to New York City with an eye toward combining his love of music with his visual skills. He quickly became a respected and sought-after designer and creative director in media production. He was responsible for shaping media content for projects for Paul McCartney, The 9/11 Museum, and the Smithsonian Museum, to name a few.

His creative drive has always dictated his personal choices, so he sold his company, enabling him to return to his original passion full-time.

Kevin currently lives in New York City and Palm Springs, CA. He is once again completely absorbed with drawing and painting.

Artist Statement

I intend to create a personal visual language expressing my observations and feelings.

Spending time between Palm Springs and New York City, my work is heavily inspired by nature as well as the modern urban landscape. As a musician, my rhythmic instincts inform groupings of geometric and organic shapes. The paintings are rendered in energic, broad strokes of acrylic paint, and the compositions have been arrived at through a process of intuitive improvision.

In music, combining rhythm and sound can evoke strong emotions. Likewise, I believe that visual art created with form, color and line can achieve the same effect.

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Artist Kevin Goddess

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