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Get a Dog’s Eye View of Palm Springs

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A Ruff Life

Hello, human! Where are we going today? May I humbly suggest the friendly, fierce, furtastic hotspots of Palm Springs? After all, it is a haven for dogs, pups, pooches, doggos, hounds, mutts, mongrels and… well, people… I guess. Pack plenty of water and treats.

(canine shrug)

If you and your fuzzy friend are looking for the ideal stomping grounds, shuffle your paws to our huggable hometown.

A Wagging Good Morning

Mix and mingle over a cup of Koffi at The Corrridor. With a large central lawn and garden, it’s a great way to begin the day.  From here you can stroll to the Uptown Design district to the North or head downtown to the south. You’ll find Palm Springs dog friendly sidewalks both ways.

dogs at the corridor

Palm Springs Dog Park

Some puppers don’t like to stray (pun intended) from the heart of the action. Also, hiking might be more of a big dawg activity. If your canine companion is compact or – let’s face it – a bit lazy, you might opt for a Dog Park instead of a rigorous mountain excursion. Our gated getaway allows your furbaby to unleash (also pun intended) their wild side! The Palm Springs Dog Park features fountains and fire hydrants, so it covers every facet of your complex, dog-centric needs.

palm springs dog park

Toys & Treats

And the #1 need on your mutt’s mind: snacks! Visit the appropriately named Treat Buddy to refuel after your hiking/park adventures. Palm Springs is also proud to have two Bones ‘n’ Scones locations, so numnums are never more than a tummy-rub away!

But a doggy shopping spree entails (yet another pun!) so much more than just kibble. The promise of toys beckons eager pet enthusiasts to boutique shops like Cold Nose Warm Heart. Chew, chomp and chase the day away, but be sure to squirrel (!) away enough time to look your best.

Cold Nose Warm Heart with Margaret Cho
Margaret Cho getting shirts for her bestie at Cold Nose Warm Heart.

Paw Spas

Grooming is a passionate pastime in Palm Springs. But enough about your human – dogs deserve to show off their beauty too. K-9 Country Club caters to discerning clientele and Posh Pet Care truly lives up to its name. On the topic of names, the award for the most adorbsies (adorable) handle in town goes to The Wizard of Paws. And if your special someone needs a spa day, check into Miriam’s Poochella. Fuzzy facials? Too cute! For an all-over sheen, you can also sniff your way to Tammy’s Paw Spa. Other include Puppy Luv Pet Salon and Alex’s Pet Grooming located right downtown on Tahquitz near Sherman’s Deli. 

posh pet care
Posh Pet Care

Pet Pampered

But a fresh coat of fur is just the furst (first) step in the puppification process. You’ll need a dazzling array of doggy duds to complement the aforementioned coat, so slip your four legs into some cute couture at Spoiled Dog Designs. They have seasonal sweaters for those cold desert nights and frisky harnesses for when you’re in heat.

Now you’re looking sharp enough to paint the town poochy. Good boy/girl! Flex your fuzzy fashion sense with a night on the town, starting at Boozehounds. Their atmosphere is decidedly dogged and their menu is a who’s who of hoo boy! Drool-worthy offerings like Tasmanian Ocean Trout and Bluefin Tuna go swimmingly well with the craft cocktails that give Boozehounds its ruff reputation. Sip on libations with suggestive names like Aunt Donna’s Dirty Poodle and Red Rocket, then dig in for more helpings of grrrmet food.

Credit: Jenna Murray

There are plenty of other Palm Springs pet friendly restaurants to explore.

10 Palm Springs Pet Friendly Restaurants

Pet Stays

Looking for a woof over your head? Palm Springs offers a wide furiety of lodging for pets as well as the people who love them. Doggie Heaven Bed and Breakfast promises to pamper your pooch if you ever happen to leave town without them. But why would you do such a thing?

Another grrreat day care, boarding and training resource is Doggie’s Day Out. Obedience is a two-way street, so show your fellow dog-caring community the respect they deserve by teaching your beloved boy (or girl) how to roll over with the best of them.

But the best present you can give your doggo is the gift of love. And what’s more loving than one precious pup? Two precious pups!

Doggie Heaven Bed And Breakfast
Doggie Heaven Bed And Breakfast

There are also plenty of Palm Springs pet friendly hotels and resorts to explore. Check for individual requirements, restrictions, and fees.

Yup, the math checks out.

Adopt a sweet sibling for your best buddy at one of our essential rescue shelters. California Paws saves pets from the threat of (cover your dog’s ears for this next part) euthanasia. Palm Springs Animal Shelter does a brisk business, placing over 2,000 scruffy souls with their grateful humans every year. And on the north side of town, Humane Society of the Desert offers nine acres of land for their tenants who are still sniffing out their furever home.

Will you be lucky/loving enough to add these wonderful, wuvvable woofers to your fam? A lick-y new life awaits here in Palm Springs. Sit. Stay. Sweet!

palm springs animal shelter

Written By Kevin Perry

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