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The Curative Case for Cannabis


Exploring Palm Springs’ Wellness Dispensaries

By Kevin Perry

You are a product of your surroundings. Where you live defines who you are, whether it’s a salty New Englander, a laid back SoCal denizen, or an international woman (or man) of mystery.

But ultimately, we all hail from the same place: Mother Earth.

When human biology harmonizes with its local geography, we resonate with a lovely sense of calm. And at the center of this centeredness: Palm Springs. We have been a wellness destination for centuries, drawing millions of visitors thirsty for our aquifer serenity and bolstered by the stability of our foothills. The landscape embraces guests and caresses them with great vibes.

For these reasons, and so many more, we crave products described as all natural. We want to emulate nature and benefit from its healing, anxiety reducing properties. Plant life evolved alongside humanity, so we are physiologically bound together. The vitamins and minerals in vegetables, for example, help us survive and thrive.

And cannabis products may offer next-level benefits when it comes to living your best life.


Many people’s first impression of cannabis is that of a controlled substance that alters your behavior. Marijuana products do, in fact, have the propensity to get you “high” but only in relation to their THC content.

THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol, and it has psychoactive capabilities. Cannabidiol (CBD), on the other hand, binds differently with the receptors of the brain. It still binds with our biological structures, but it does not trigger the mood swings or impairment associated with THC.

CBD may be the perfect prescription to address various ailments, from inflammation to insomnia to immune deficiencies. The FDA even approved CBD for the alleviation of severe forms of epilepsy. Cancer patients have shown increased appetites as they recuperate from treatment, courtesy of certain weed products. People struggling with chronic pain and discomfort often turn to cannabis products for relief.

Hence, the potential perks of CBD can dovetail with a restful, healthy stay in Palm Springs. It’s all contoured to the individual life journey you choose to follow, and we hope it leads you to your ideal state of Zen. For more specific coordinates, check out our roundup of dispensaries below…

Palm Springs Dispensaries

Downtown Dispensaries

Downtown Palm Springs is the chillest hotspot in the world. It encapsulates the freedom to stroll and puts the rock in your roll. The cannabis enclaves in our stylish city center reflect a midcentury aesthetic with a decidedly here-and-now attention to consumer needs and desires.

The foyer at Lighthouse Dispensary, for example, feels like the gateway to a spa weekend. Spacious and placid, you are ushered to a wellness wonderland from the moment you arrive.


Palm Springs is synonymous with style. During your euphoric tour of downtown, be sure to flex your fashion sense at Holland Pharms. Once you are suitably suited up, show off your flair at Four Twenty Bank. This Palm Springs dispensary/lounge provides ample room to kick it at various music and comedy shows.

four twenty bank

While you’re in the lower downtown ‘hood, be sure to visit the ferociously popular Coachella Valley Green Dragon . Another formidable cannabis contender is Off the Charts, which offers a vast array of edible CDB fare for you (and even for your pets!). A couple of smaller dispensaries like Rockstar Cannabis Club (530 S Indian Canyon Dr,) and PSA Organica will round out your daytrip nicely.

The East Side

About a block away, level up with Reefer Madness Lounge, a dispensary equipped with classic arcade games. LGBTQ+ owned, this establishment is packed with sensory delights that pair brilliantly with their delectable array of edibles.

Northern Palm Springs

Before you leave town (side note: why would you ever want to leave town?), don’t miss the dispensaries peppering the northern ridge of Palm Springs. Get philosophical at Higher Vision, get inspired at Hightend (33 95 N Indian Canyon), and get your green on at Trulieve.

And for a holistic healing haven, your north star is Joy of Life Wellness Center. Its namesake, Joy Meredith, also owns Crystal Fantasy downtown. She understands the fascinating connections between the soul, mind and body. From new age stones to Reiki circles to candles and collectibles, you are immersed in higher consciousness here in our hometown. CBD may just be the perfect garnish for your desert wellness tour.

joy of life dispensary

Disclaimer: Before partaking of any cannabis use, whether it’s recreational or medicinal, be sure to consult your doctor. We do not endorse any of the above products; this article is merely a guide through the numerous dispensary options available to you in Palm Springs.

Things To Know

Bring I.D. and Cash.

The federal government and states have bickered over legalization fo years, which makes credit card companies leery of running afoul of federal law by facilitating sales. Because of this, nearly all dispensaries have an ATM on the premises. Debit card usage may also be permitted. Expect your identification to be checked before you are admitted into the main sales area.

There are Limits

Dispensaries may sell a maximum of 28.5 grans to each customer or 8 grams of concentrates (including edibles).

Keep A Lid on it.

Think of the contents like booze; You’re not allowed to have an open container in the car. Keep everything wrapped until you are able to use it in a private place.

California Department of Cannabis Control

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