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Palm Springs Big City Loop Bike Tour

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This great introductory self-guided bike ride will introduce you to parts of north, central, and south Palm Springs.

big city bike loop

Begin at Ruth Hardy Park

Ruth Hardy Park is a beautiful public park in Palm Springs. It features numerous attractions, including a playground, picnic areas, tennis courts, and large lawn areas. There is also a Wellness Park on the northeast corner. Ruth Hardy Park has a beautiful atmosphere, making it a great spot to begin your bike tour. There are also public restrooms.

Ruth Hardy Park

Tachevah Drive is on the north side of the part. This is where you will begin your Palm Springs Big City Loop Bike Tour. Head East to N. Sunshine Way.

Ride through the Movie Colony neighborhood. It is a historic neighborhood that quickly became a popular place for Hollywood celebrities to escape from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. Today, the neighborhood features picturesque homes, lush gardens, and plenty of palm trees, contributing to its unique atmosphere. Many well-known movie stars have called the Palm Springs Movie Colony home over the years, including Frank Sinatra, Cary Grant, Tony Curtis, and Janet Leigh.

Continue East to N. Sunshine Way.

Turn Right on N. Sunshine Way

Cross the street at N. Sunshine Way. There is a bike lane on the East side of the street. Meander on the landscaped bike lane until you come to Alejo Road.

Turn Left on E. Alejo Road

This also has a bike lane. Continue down E. Alejo to North Civic Drive. To the right is the Sunrise Park neighborhood, filled with great examples of midcentury modern homes from the 1950s. Feel free to explore and then return to E. Alejo.

You’ll cross over North Farrell Drive—E—Alejo deadends at the Palm Springs International Airport.

 Turn Right on N. Civic Drive

This is a bit industrial, a few blocks from the airport and engineering buildings. Follow the road as it makes a turn to the left and then right, but the name of the road remains N. Civic Drive. This will bring you to the Palm Springs Dog Park and Palm Springs City Hall on your left.

palm springs dog park

palm springs city hall

Follow N. Civic Drive until you reach E. Tahquitz Canyon Way.

tachevah bike route

Turn Right on E. Tahquitz Canyon Way

There is a bike lane on the right. Behind you is an excellent view of the Palm Springs International Airport and fountain. If you follow Tahquitz to its end, you will be in the heart of downtown Palm Springs. Continue to S. Farrell Drive to the light.

Turn Left on S. Farrell Drive

Continue S. on Farrell Drive to Sonora Road. As you cross over Ramon, you will bike through the center of the Prescott Preserve. This is a 100-acre preserve that once was a golf course. It’s open to the public and welcomes dogs on leashes. Continue south to Sonora Road.

Prescott preserve

Turn Right on Sonora Road

Follow to South Cerritos Drive. This weaves you through several condo housing complexes to see various residential areas and backstreets.

Turn Right on S. Cerritos Drive

Head north to East Mesquite Avenue.

Turn Lest at E. Mesquite Avenue

Turn Left at S, Sunrise Way

Head South in the bike lane. You will pass by the Saguaro Palm Springs hotel on your left at E. Palm Canyon Drive.

saguaro credit @bikepalmsprings
Credit @bikepalmsprings

Continue forward to the south Palm Springs neighborhood. As you cross over, the street name changes to La Verne Way. Continue on La Verne Way to Toledo Avenue. It will be the second street on your left after passing the Smoke Tree Village Shopping Center.

Turn Left on Toledo Avenue

deepwell bike ride map

You are now in South Palm Springs.

Canyon Estates is to your right. The neighborhood began as a residential area and grew in popularity, eventually becoming home to many prominent Hollywood actors and wealthy business owners. As the area developed and newer homes were built, the neighborhood experienced rapid growth and development. Today, Canyon Estates is an affluent residential area with classic Palm Springs midcentury modern architecture. The area is also known for its lush, green landscaping and stunning views of the surrounding mountains and canyons. The main clubhouse is at the end of Canyon Estates Drive.


Smoke Tree Ranch, a private and historic community, is to your left. Walt Disney owned two different homes in this neighborhood.

At the end of Toledo Ave. is Smoke Tree Stables, where you enjoy horseback riding.

smoke tree stables sign

Turn Right to Murray Canyon Drive

Indian Canyon Golf Course South is on your left, and Indian Canyon Gold Course North is on your right. These are on the land of the Agua Caliente tribe, which owns much land throughout Palm Springs. You will be biking through Indian Canyon Golf Course North.

Turn Right on S. Camino Real

Follow S. Camino Real and make your way back to La Verne Way. Continue forward on South Camino Real to E. Palm Canyon Drive. The Ace Hotel Palm Springs will be on your left. On the corner is an old Denny’s, now their signature restaurant, Kings Highway: excellent food and a fun atmosphere.

Koffi and PS Underground will be on your right. Feel free to stop in and take a break.

south bike map

Turn Left on E. Palm Canyon Drive

Go just one block to the left, cross over the street, and you will be on S. Camino Real. You will see the Desert Riviera Hotel on the corner. A few feet away, you will see the road split. Take the right.

Turn Right to S. Camino Real

This picks up S. Camino Real again as you head north. You will see Villa Royale. Continue heading north as we make our way to the Deep Well neighborhood. Before you get to E. Mesquite Avenue, you will see Cahuilla Elementary School to your right. A couple of blocks later, the Palm Springs Presbyterian Church will be on your left. This is a great way to see the wonderful neighborhoods and beautiful architecture.

villa royale

Cross over Tahquitz Creek wash to North Riverside Drive. This area is in place to absorb the vast amounts of water that come off the San Jacinto mountains during heavy rain, protecting the streets and neighborhoods.

Turn Left on N. Riverside Drive

Head west to Sunny Dunes Road. One Eleven Vintage Cars will be on your right.

This western section of Sunny Dunes has several retail shops and is known for its vintage shopping malls, such as Sunny Dunes Antique Mall. A block to the right is Townie Bagels Bakery & Cafe, which is locally owned and one of the most popular places for a bagel in Palm Springs.

Turn Left at Sunny Dunes Road

Cross over South Palm Canyon and continue west toward the mountains to S. Belaro Road. If you turn left, the next road you’ll come to is W. Mesquite Ave. Turning right will bring you to the entrance of Tahquitz Canyon. Remember this for your next hiking adventure. Instead, you will turn right.

tahquitz canyon waterfall
Tahquitz Canyon Waterfall

Turn Right at S. Belardo Road

Belardo Road runs parallel to S. Palm Canyon and has a bike lane.  The first street you will come to on your right is East Camino Parocela. This is a good spot if you want to stop for a bite or rest. A Peninsula Pasteries and Palm Greens Cafe caters to a vegan/vegetarian menu. There is also the Palm Springs Cyclery, should you need anything for your bike.  If not, continue to head north on S. Belardo.

At the corner of Belardo and Ramon Road, you will see Ingleside Estate (formerly Ingleside Inn) on the left corner.

ingleside inn sign entry

A Spanish Revival landmark is hidden behind a row of lush hedges, which feels like a private retreat — just steps from downtown Palm Springs, yet tucked away from it all. In 1922, the heirs to the Pierce Arrow Motor Company–regarded as the “American Rolls-Royce”–tapped Santa Barbara architect and Spanish Colonial Revival specialist George Washington Smith to design this hedged two-acre estate, personified by architectural detailing and antiques that spared no expense. Ingleside arrived in Hollywood social circles as Ruth Hardy’s invitation-only hideaway, with Elizabeth Taylor, Marlon Brando, and Marilyn Monroe just a handful of fabled icons signing the register. Decades later, owner Mel Haber ushered in a 1970s renaissance, restoring and opening the Inn to the public and adding Melyvn’s restaurant and lounge.

Turn Left on Ramon Road

deepwell bike ride 2

Turn Right to S. Cahuilla Road

You are now entering the historic Tennis Neighborhood. This area is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Palm Springs.  It has one of the first churches built in the area, which opened its doors in 1936. Pioneer Pearl McCallum McManus settled in the area and developed the Palm Springs Tennis Club in 1940. This facility brought world-class tennis to the Desert. Overall, eleven structures located within the tennis neighborhood are found in the historic registry. This area truly captures the magical essence of old Palm Springs. It’s known for having an extensive collection of our smaller boutique resorts and Inns.

At the corner of S. Cahilla Rd and W. Baristo Rd, the Palm Springs Women’s Club is on your right.

Once you cross over W. Arenas Road, Casa Cody will be on your left. This is the oldest continuously operating hotel in Palm Springs. Built in 1922, Casa Cody is also one of the oldest buildings in Palm Springs and boasts a sizeable 8-acre estate. The luxurious rooms are beautifully appointed with antiques, and the property also includes two guesthouses.

Continue north to Tahquitz Canyon Way. You’ll make a slight jog to the left to Museum Way. You will see The Rowan Palm Springs Hotel to your right and a parking structure in front of you. Once you make the jog, you will be on North Museum Drive. There’s a lot to see here.

The Palm Springs Art Museum is on your left.

Palm Springs Art Museum

The new Palm Springs downtown park and the giant Marilyn Monroe statue are to the right. Spend some time exploring the park and area. When you’re done, continue north to reconnect with Belardo Raod. There is a bike lane. Follow until you reach W. Alejo.

forever marilyn by downtown park

As you bike down Belardo, the O’Donnell Gold Club will be on your left. This private club is owned by the City of Palm Springs.

Turn Left on W. Alejo

To your right on Belardo and Alejo is Our Lady of Solitude Church. It has a rich history that dates back to the late 1800s. The original structure was built during the Spanish Colonial period and served as a place of worship for the small local population. In the 1920s, the church was rebuilt in the Neo-Gothic style, with beautiful stained glass windows and intricately carved details. It has since undergone several renovations, most recently in 2019, to expand its capacity. Liberace owned a home one block away and had his funeral service here.

Turn Right on N. Cahuilla Road

Temple Isaiah Jewish Community Center will be on the corner. Go one block.

Turn Left on W. Chino Drive

You are now heading into the exclusive Old Las Palmas neighborhood. It dates back to the mid-1920s and boasts the largest number of celebrity homes in Palm Springs. Celebrities who have lived in Old Las Palmas include Leonardo DiCaprio, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, Lily Tomlin, Dinah Shore, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, Elizabeth Taylor and Mike Todd, Liberace, Red Skelton, Donna Reed, Debbie Reynolds, Mary Martin, Kirk Douglas, Ann Miller, Edgar Bergen, Rona Barrett, William Powell, Alan Ladd, Lena Horne, Jack Warner, Samuel Goldwyn, Edward G. Robinson, Clarke Gable, Gene Autry, and many others.

Turn Right on N. Patencio Road

On the corner to your left is the Welwood Murray Cemetery. Welwood owned the first hotel in Palm Springs called the Palm Springs Hotel.

Turn Left on W. Crescent Drive


tennis neighborhood bike

Turn Right to N. Via Monte Vista

Monte Vista street view

Enjoy the beautifully manicured neighborhood with some of the most exceptional examples of midcentury homes in Palm Springs. You will notice many homes have high hedges around their property. This is because the homes feature an indoor-outdoor style of living where the house opens to the front and back yard, expanding the overall living space with walls of glass.

Head north to Vista Chino and turn right.

Shortly after you turn, you will see the Kaufmann house on your left. The Kaufmann House in Palm Springs is a quintessential example of modernist architecture and is widely regarded as one of the most iconic homes in America. Designed by architect Richard Neutra in 1946, the home was commissioned by the wealthy Kaufmann family, who wished to create a sanctuary away from the bustling city life of Los Angeles. The house features Neutra’s signature post-and-beam construction and extensive use of glass and steel to create an open and airy interior. Kaufmann Desert House, 1946, Richard Neutra Architect cropped

Bike two blocks.

Turn Right on N. Koweah Road

Head south to Camino Norte. You’ll need to go right or left at the end of the street. Go right, then your first left onto N. Camino Centro. This takes you through the heart of Old Las Palmas.

Continue south until the road ends.

Camino Centro road

Turn Left to Camino Sur.

Go one block. We are returning to Ruth Hardy Park on your Big City Loop Bike Tour.

Turn Right to Camino de Corte

Bike to the end of the street and turn left on W. Via Lola. It will bring you to N. Palm Canyon. Cross over just to your left to E. Tachevah Drive. Continue east. Desert Regional Hospital will be on your left. Once you pass the hospital, the Wellness Park at Ruth Hardy Park will be on your right.

wellness park

Arrive at Ruth Hardy Park

Your Palm Springs Big City loop bike tour is complete. Take time in Ruth Hardy Park to relax and recover. Perhaps you packed a lunch or some snacks to enjoy.

las palmas bike map

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