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Kaiser Grille: PRIME and PASSION

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If you see a beautifully elegant corner patio overlooking the charm and bustle of famed Palm Canyon Drive in the heart of downtown Palm Springs, you have found the legendary Kaiser Grille. For over 30 years, this modern upscale Steakhouse, with a nod to his family’s Lebanese roots, promises a dining experience where sustainable practices and unwavering passion for best-in-class is made to order…. without compromise.

With one look at the menu, Kaiser Grille takes you on a food tour, whether you want Italian, American or Mediterranean inspired selections. And, every menu item has a story to be told. Just click on their interactive menu and you can read a detailed description of every plate and drink offered.

Elevated Dining Experience

As soon as you step into Kaiser Grille, you are transported to a different era with its classic décor and sophisticated vibe. The high ceilings, chandeliers, and rich wood accents all add to the inviting atmosphere.

Besides top-of-the-line ingredients, the ambiance is elevated too, literally. Because the two lovely front patios are elevated above the sidewalk of downtown Palm Springs, your dining experience is quite possibly the best seat in the house. The Mountain View patio boasts epic mountain views and intimate serenity.

Kaiser Grille Front Patio
Credit: Steven B.

Recently, Kaiser elevated its interior with new renovations, including an upgraded kitchen with a custom broiler, four charcoal and wood-fired rotisseries and three grills. Not only does this display a vibrant cooking show through the glass of the open kitchen, but it also provides total control over temperature of the steak, ensuring a perfectly cooked cut.

Kaiser Grille Grill

You can also enjoy their new back patio and enjoy dinner under the stars. Accents include an elegant fireplace and tasteful decorative lighting for that extra sparkle. Look for the green awning and you’ll find a separate entrance.

Kaiser Grille Patio Entry

A Commitment to Freshness

Kaiser’s commitment to the freshest, finest, and most sustainable ingredients has always been at the heart of their menu. “Everything is made from scratch” as owner Lee Morcus loves to share. Handwritten note cards with family recipes have been passed down from his grandmother to his mother to him. Premier Products are at the core of the restaurant ethos.

Prime Cuts

Prime is the highest grade of US meat. Kaiser Grille’s prime beef is aged in-house a minimum of 28 – 35 days. A small ranch province from dedicated ranchers, free of antibiotics and hormones. USDA prime is rare, with around only 2% of beef receiving this grade. The Kaiser Grille Prime is a smaller percentage of the top prime.

Their finest selections include the Porterhouse, Cowboy Rib Chop, Kansas City Strip, and Wagyu Beef Tomahawk Rib Chop. These are all aged in-house a minimum of 35 days. You will find these cuts sweeter on the bone.

Other prime choices that are hand-trimmed and aged in-house a minimum of 28 days include the Filet Mignon, New York Strip and Boneless Ribeye Steak.

Kaiser Grille Steak

Faroe Islands King Salmon

Kaiser Grille serves the best salmon in the world. That’s right!

If you can picture a triangle with Iceland at the top left, Norway at the top right, and Scotland at the bottom, the Faroe Islands are roughly in the middle of that triangle. They are a North Atlantic archipelago that is part of Denmark, though they are self-governing.

Because salmon from the Faroe Islands are able to roam freely in sizable contained environments, their diet is natural, rather than controlled. Their nutrient rich foods not only nourish them, but it also helps them develop layers of healthy fats. These are those good-for-you fats we hear about like Omega-3 fatty acids that lower the risk of heart-disease, support joints and healthy brain function. They also have an incredible protein to weight ratio, meaning they are a sustainable choice of protein when compared to land animals.

Faroe Island Streymoy Island Nordredal Panorama to Koltur Island

Faroe Islands Nordredal Valley. View towards Koltur Island over the North Atlantic Ocean Coast. Denmark.

Sustainable Seafood

Kaiser Grille adheres to the Monterey Aquarium Seafood Watch. This was launched in 1999 and is considered the international seafood gold standard for sustainability. It’s science-based assessments helps people navigate purchasing sustainable seafood through their rating system.

In additional to salmon, other sustainable seafood menu selections include Halibut, Sea Bass, Mahi Mahi, Lobster, Sea Scallops, and Swordfish.

Kaiser Grille fish entrée

Mediterranean Signatures

Traditional and authentic Mediterranean recipes feature ingredients sources from the finest of producers. Selections include a roast Half Duck with tart cherry reduction, Chicken Picatta, Moroccan Beef Short Ribs, and roasted Jidori Chicken Breast. Their signature dish is Lobster Paella for two.


 Kaiser also offers signature pasta dishes like Colossal Shrimp or Chicken Fettuccine, wood oven baked Penne Bolognese, and Lobster Linguine. The Beef Tenderloin (filet) Stroganoff Bourguignon and Fettuccine is exceptional. Ask the server for vegetarian options.

Kaiser Grille Pene Pasta
Credit: Demarish H.

Wood Fired Pizza

All signature pizzas are baked in a 900 degree fired oven using almond wood. This is sustainable wood as comes from almond trees that is no longer viable.

Enjoy your favorites like the Ultimo Italiano Meat, Margherita, BBQ Chicken, and Spicy Hawaiian. You can also order any toppings your way.

Kaiser Grille pizza

Great Event Space

If you are looking to throw a party or event, Kaiser Grille has the perfect space. Kaiser just opened their stunning mountain view patio, providing a beautiful atmosphere for outdoor dining.  Whether it be an anniversary or birthday, to a large wedding dinner, they do it all. The space can accommodate up to 400 people.

Kaiser Grille dining room

Since 1992.

Quality. Uncompromised. Without Pretense.

Reservations – www.exploretock.com/kaisergrille

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