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Booking a room at one of our legendary Palm Springs inns or resorts is like a passport to pleasure. You can shed your cares, your clothes, and your baggage, because Palm Springs allows you to become your ideal self. This personalized paradise whisks you away from the prying eyes of the real world and into a vacation realm of your own design.

A journey through our welcoming landscape of Palm Springs inns and hideaways is a waltz with endless possibilities. It is an exploration guided by your whims and wants; the only limit is your imagination.

Palm Springs accommodations thrive according to the three S’s: social, secluded, and stylish. Which direction(s) do you want to go? Lead the way…

Social Palm Springs Inns

You meet the nicest people when your guard is down. Since Palm Springs is the ultimate downtime destination, everyone you meet at your relaxing resort will be at their most chillaxed. The following hotels raise their proverbial roofs to show visitors a great time without the need to leave the resort grounds…

The aptly named Arrive is a gateway to the city, greeting you as you venture south from the 10. Slough off that drive with a New Moon Yoga session, an outdoor movie, or a DJ infused jam session by the pool.

Arrive Palm Springs

If you prefer to savor your sustenance in an open-air setting, hitch your wagon to Sparrows Lodge. This Palm Springs inn offers daily specials by the pool, including roasted chicken on Wednesdays and steak on Saturdays. Rub elbows with your fellow guests in the communal barn or retreat to the rustic splendor of your private room, all complemented by custom art.



Palm Springs has a hallowed history of being a social hub, and a stay at The Willows is a window into our vibrant past. This is where Carole Lombard wooed the love of her life, Clark Gable, and where Einstein slept. It also where YOU can romance a gourmet, three-course meal every morning. As the sun sets over the 50-foot waterfall cascading along the edge of the property, join the other visitors for wine and hors d’oeuvres in the lounge. Who knows? Maybe you’ll meet your very own Clark Gable.

willows dining room

Stylish Palm Springs Inns

Our city has aesthetics to spare. Whether you’re seeking a vintage escape, a modern excursion, or all of the above rolled into one boutique ball, this is the (only) town for you.

Orbit In embodies the full spectrum of Palm Springs inn culture and couture. Built in 1957 by visionary builder Herb Burns, its dynamic lines contrast brilliantly with the rounded majesty of the San Jacinto Mountains cradling this architectural wonder. With canted roofs and splashy starbursts, Orbit In truly stands out.

Not to be outdone, Burns’ contemporary Hugh Kaptur designed the iconic Musicland Hotel, characterized by curiously intersecting planes and retro-futuristic flourishes. His influence has rippled through the decades and made an impact with recent additions to our diverse resort-scape. The Avanti Palm Springs inn benefits from old school inspiration and new school amenities to immerse you in pure Palm Springs.

No style agenda would be complete without spilling over into The Weekend. This brilliantly bespoke destination preserves the 1960s grandeur on which it was founded while building numerous 21st century layers of refinement over its already impressive foundation.

The Weekend

Secluded Palm Springs Inns

Palm Springs offers visitors a uniquely dichotomous experience. Our hometown has a scintillating celebrity allure mixed with desert discretion. It’s no wonder we became Hollywood’s playground. For example, Amin Casa was a favorite hideaway of silver screen icon Gloria Swanson, who once owned the property. The Sunset Boulevard vamp was even rumored to have carried on part of her three-year affair with Joe Kennedy right here.

Amin Casa

Speaking of Kennedy affairs, JFK would charm the presidential press corps before sending them off to mid-century marvels like Desert Riviera. While the journalists were distracted by the Palm Springs good life, Kennedy would sneak away and canoodle with Marilyn Monroe at a nearby love nook.

Continue following in the petite footsteps of the 20th century’s greatest sex symbol with a stay at Palm Springs Rendezvous. Marilyn skirted the world’s collective stare by checking into the “Pretty in Pink” suite at the Rendezvous. Enjoy the 1938 architecture, the movie star treatment, and the lingering notes of sensuality and mystique.

Begin your own affair with Palm Springs by booking a scandalous stay today!

By Kevin Perry

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