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Varla Jean’s Kasserole Kiki


January 13, 2024    
7:00 pm

Varla Jean’s Kasserole Kiki

After a holiday season of entertaining family, friends, and strangers, international comedy chanteuse Varla Jean hauls open her talent cupboards to see what she can whip up for Palm Springs. Varla Jean’s Kasserole Kiki is a giddy goulash of tasty new songs, spicy leftovers, and a splash of well-brand liquor. Served up with a side of glamorous gowns and wash-and-wear wigs, this piping-hot dish will have you popping Tums and begging for a second helping.

Thu Jan 11 @ 7 PM
Fri Jan 12 @ 7 PM
Sat Jan 13 @ 7 PM

Varla Jean's Kasserole Kiki