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LIGHT – An all-immersive, avant-garde dinner experience

PS Underground


April 13, 2024    
7:00 pm

If you ask anyone who has attended LIGHT (and returned over and over) to describe it, they can be hard pressed. It is so special, so unique, and so different from any other PS UNDERGROUND event, it often defies definition. Perhaps it cannot be explained; it simply must be experienced.

LIGHT is an unparalleled multi-sensory journey, offering a limited number of exclusive diners around a single table an unprecedented dining experience combining culinary art, live performance, and technological innovation.

LIGHT takes the dining experience to a new level. Multiple culinarily-creative courses will be unveiled as the room undulates, with attention paid to each of the five senses. LIGHT has been deemed “a culinary rave” and “a tantalizing tour of touch, taste, sights, fragrances, and sounds”. Fasten your seatbelts and allow this multi-sensory journey to capture your imagination and delight your palate.

A fully hosted bar is included; beer, wine, bubbly, and specialty cocktails will be free-flowing throughout the evening. Dress code: please wear WHITE, and dress to impress!

Join us at the table, and prepare to be enLIGHTened!

Light Dinner