Halas Powyźej - Visit Palm Springs tag-img


May 24, 2024    
7:00 pm

The year is 1944. November. It is very cold. Not knowing they have two more months before they are liberated, the Wozniak family is doing all they can to survive…under the floorboards of a house used by Nazis for a makeshift headquarters. They know they have to be selective about the sound they make. They’ve been intact as an immediate family for most of the war. Can they survive two more months?

Halas Powyźej is an inner circle arts society creation presented in association with the Palm Springs Cultural Center.

Image of a text "the ic and pscc present Halas Powyzej" in a distressed black font on a white background, followed by "Autor: Joachima St. Maksymilian" in a smaller size. To the right, there is a stylized red swoosh with dots.