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Dirty Bingo Brunch

PS Underground


April 7, 2024    
11:00 am

Dirty Bingo: Where audience members must sign a waiver that they won’t be offended by anything. Calling it RAUNCHY would be an understatement. Outrageously filthy songs that could make you pee yourself with laughter, colorful characters who display their quirky fetishes right out in the open and crazy costumes fit for the trashiest of us make this a must-attend event.

Topping for deeper satisfaction are real BINGO games with prizes that will make you blush and laugh your a** off. This isn’t your typical church Bingo… Unless some of your congregants wear leather, or a dog collar, or a ball gag.

SUGGESTED DRESS: As flamboyant, trashy, provocative, over-the-top, and crazier the better. Sequins, boas, bow ties, bowlers, anything that sparkles, shimmers, blinks, shines or lights up are all appropriate for this unlike-any-other event.