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Pizza Hut Palm Springs

Italian/Pizza Dinner


Pizza Hut Palm Springs is located in the south by Plaza Del Sol Shopping Center. The center includes Bar Cecil and Miro’s restaurant.

Classic Pizzas

Pizza Hut’s menu is synonymous with its classic pizzas, crafted with love and expertise. From the timeless Margherita to the crowd-pleasing Pepperoni, their crusts are always crispy, their toppings are generous, and their cheese is ooey-gooey perfection. The classic range offers something for everyone, whether you prefer vegetarian options or meaty indulgences.

Signature Pizzas

If you’re looking for some unique flavor combinations, Pizza Hut’s signature pizzas are sure to entice your taste buds. Indulge in the BBQ Lover’s Pizza, topped with succulent barbeque sauce, smoky chicken, and crispy bacon. Or try the Veggie Supreme, a medley of fresh vegetables and zesty sauce that will satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Crust Varieties

Pizza Hut understands that the perfect pizza experience isn’t complete without the ideal crust. Whether you’re a fan of thin and crispy, stuffed, or pan pizzas, they have you covered. Don’t miss out on their famous Stuffed Crust, which takes every bite to a new level of cheesy delight.


While pizza remains the star of the show, Pizza Hut’s menu also boasts an array of delectable appetizers. Kickstart your meal with their legendary Garlic Breadsticks, accompanied by a side of marinara sauce for dipping. Or savor their crispy Chicken Wings, available in various flavors, from tangy Buffalo to sweet Honey BBQ.

Pasta and Salads

For those craving more than just pizza, Pizza Hut offers a tempting selection of pasta dishes and fresh salads. Dive into their creamy Alfredo Pasta, loaded with garlic, parmesan, and your choice of chicken or shrimp. If you’re looking for something lighter, their garden-fresh Caesar Salad is the perfect accompaniment.

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Open Sunday – Thursday, 9:30 am – midnight. Open Friday & Saturday until 1 am

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