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Kreem Palm Springs

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At all ice creams are hand-made in-house and are based on organic and natural ingredients. Non-GMO, no preservatives or additives. Flavors rotate.

Kreem Flavors

Cookies & Kreem – One of our most popular flavors…rich, vanilla ice cream with loads of cream-filled chocolate cookies mixed throughout.

Salted Chocolate – Satisfy your cravings for sweet and salty all in one! Light sea salt with rich, decadent chocolate…yum!

Vanilla – Classic fresh vanilla bean for when you don’t want to experiment.

Lemon Meringue Pie – Lemon, shortbread cookies, and toasted marshmallows make for another fan favorite.

Rosemary – Refreshing and unexpected herbal delight made with fresh rosemary.

Espresso – The perfect blend of caffeinated ice cream for the coffee aficionado.

Blueberry Hill – I found my thrill… This amazing blend of blueberry-flavored ice cream with fresh blueberries hand-mixed reminds you of lazy days with your loved one lying in the field.

Prickly Pear – From the fruit of a cactus, this creation is a fusion of watermelon and light bubble gum, boasting health benefits of reducing diabetes risk, maintaining cholesterol, and possibly…curing hangovers!

Funky Cold Medina – Made with orange blossom water, sesame honey halva and pistachios, this ice cream takes your taste buds to a heightened state of arousal.

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Banana Cream Pie – Rich banana ice cream with shortbread crust and toasted marshmallows swirled in to get this truly decadent version of your favorite pie!

Black Goat – Imagine light and creamy cheesecake…this version is made with goat cheese and fresh blackberry swirl…divine!

Kreem Vegan Flavors

Vegan-friendly, offering a multitude of coconut-based ice creams and all-natural seasonal sorbets.

Ube – Sweet purple yam and toasted vegan marshmallows with a coconut base makes this treat a sure thing. Ube, means tuber in Tagalog, and is originally from the Philipines. It has a slightly sweeter and more mellow taste than it’s orange relative, with hints of nutty vanilla.

Hibiscus Rose – Think hibiscus tea, with a slightly tart cranberry-like flavor combined with rose water. So refreshing!

Horchata – A favorite Mexican beverage delight, this vegan ice cream version is made with arroz (rice), canela (cinnamon) and vanilla in an oat base. It will remind you of rice pudding.

Open 8 am – 9 pm.

Closed Monday.

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Kreem Palm Springs

Locally Owned