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Johnny Costa’s Ristorante

Italian/Pizza Dinner
Locally Owned


Johnny Costa’s Ristorante will be closed for summer beginning June 30 and reopening September 6 for dinner at 5 PM.   

Johnny Costa’s Ristorante is a testament to the lifelong passion and culinary expertise of its renowned chef, Johnny Costa. This iconic restaurant showcases exceptional Italian cuisine and carries a unique charm, thanks to Chef Costa’s close friendship with the legendary Frank Sinatra.

The Legend of Chef Johnny Costa.

Born into an Italian family in Naples, Italy, with a deep appreciation for food, Johnny Costa’s passion for cooking began at an early age. He moved to Hollywood in the 1960s, and Patsy D’Amore owned Villa Capri Restaurant and maitre’d Tony Riccio. Patsy was friends with Frank Sinatra. Johnny was hired as a sous chef and met Frank Sinatra.

Sinatra’s Love for Costa’s Cuisine

As fate would have it, Chef Costa had the opportunity to cook for Frank Sinatra one fateful evening. This encounter marked the start of a remarkable friendship and a bond that would shape the legacy of Johnny Costa’s Ristorante.

Johnny moved to the desert in the 1970s and worked with Tony Riccio at Club Trinidad. During that time, Steve McQueen, Bob Hope, and the Rat Pack frequented the club. He became Frank Sinatra’s personal chef and later opened Johnny Costa’s.

Sinatra frequented the restaurant, reveling in the flavorsome delights prepared by his friend. Their friendship grew beyond the context of the restaurant, with many memorable moments shared over a table laden with delectable dishes and good company.

Dinner Menu

Begin with a sharable appetizer, the antipasto for two. The menu includes a range of specialty pasta with seafood, sausages, and meats. Steak options include New York, steak bordelaise, and the popular steak Sinatra. There is also a nice selection of chicken and specialty seafood like the cioppino with clams, mussels, scallops, prawns, and fish of the day.

Dessert includes tiramisu, crème brulee, cheesecake, cannoli, and apple crumble. There is also an excellent selection of ice cream and sorbets.

A Culinary Legacy

Johnny’s son, Head Chef Vince Costa, and his cousin, General Manager Sal Illiano, continue the family tradition. They perfectly execute the family recipes and delight customers with an amazing dining experience. His brothers John Jr. and Tony, cousin Chip, and Vince’s sons Giovanni and Vincenzo assist in running the restaurant.

Linguini-with-Clams johnny casta

Johnny Costa’s Ristorante is a testament to the enduring friendship between Chef Johnny Costa and Frank Sinatra. Steeped in culinary excellence and infused with the charm of their bond, this restaurant offers more than just an exceptional dining experience – it transports visitors back to a time when good food, good music, and good company converged. So, whether you’re a fan of Sinatra or simply seeking an unforgettable Italian culinary adventure, a visit to Johnny Costa’s Ristorante will surely provide a memorable experience for all.

Open Tuesday – Saturday at 5 PM

Closed Sunday & Monday


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Johnny Costa’s Ristorante

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