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Five Guys Palm Springs

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Five Guys Palm Springs is located at The Springs shopping complex on the corner of Ramon Road and Gene Autry by Home Depot.

When it comes to mouthwatering burgers and fries, Five Guys has secured a place in the hearts and stomachs of food lovers worldwide. This beloved fast-food chain started as a small family business in Arlington, Virginia, and has grown into an international sensation.

Five Guys Palm Springs Menu

Quality Ingredients:
Five Guys prides itself on serving high-quality ingredients to deliver the ultimate burger experience. Their focus on freshness and flavor is evident in every bite. The burger patties are made from 100% fresh ground beef, carefully hand-formed to perfection. No fillers or preservatives are used, guaranteeing a pure and satisfying taste.

Customization Galore:
One of the unique features of Five Guys is their emphasis on customization. From toppings to condiments, customers can create their dream burger. The possibilities are endless with over 15 free toppings, including grilled onions, mushrooms, jalapeños, and more. Add on classic sauces like mayo, ketchup, and mustard, and you have a masterpiece tailored to your personal preference.

Heavenly Hand-Cut Fries:
No visit to Five Guys Palm Springs is complete without indulging in their famous hand-cut fries. These golden beauties are prepared with care, using only the finest potatoes. These fries are a gastronomic delight with a perfect balance between a crispy exterior and a fluffy interior. Five Guys also offers Cajun-style fries seasoned with a savory blend of spices, adding an extra kick to satisfy those taste buds craving a little heat.

Tempting Hot Dogs:
While burgers steal the spotlight at Five Guys, their hot dogs are equally enticing. Using all-beef hot dogs, they are grilled to perfection and nestled inside a soft, toasted bun. Whether you prefer plain or loaded with your favorite toppings, Five Guys ensures their hot dogs are delicious.

Refreshing Milkshakes:
To complete your Five Guys experience, take advantage of their creamy and indulgent milkshakes. Made from hand-scooped, natural ice cream, these shakes come in various flavors like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and Oreo. Pair your meal with one of these delightful treats for the perfect sweet ending.

They also have a veggie sandwich for vegetarians and vegans.

Five Guys burger

They also offer catering where you can build your box of 15 burgers.

Open 11 am – 10 pm daily.

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