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Blue Coyote Grill

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Established in 1992, Blue Coyote has become a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

A Vibrant Atmosphere

Walking into Blue Coyote, you are immediately greeted by vibrant colors, rustic décor, and a lively ambiance that sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying an evening out with friends, the atmosphere at Blue Coyote is sure to enhance your overall dining experience.

To enhance your dining experience, they have created expansive patios that invite leisurely dining under the beautiful desert sky. They also have numerous casitas for those who prefer inside dining. Lets not forget the lively music that inspires guests to just linger a while. Great spaces for larger groups.

The Wild Coyote Margarita

One of the standout features of Blue Coyote is their signature Wild Coyote Margarita. This refreshing and zesty drink is a perfect blend of tequila, lime juice, and orange liqueur creating a unique flavor. The recipe is a family secret! Served in a salt-rimmed glass with a slice of lime for garnish, the Wild Coyote Margarita perfectly complements any meal and is a must-try for margarita enthusiasts.

Blue Coyote Menu

Blue Coyote prides itself on its diverse menu options, showcasing the rich flavors and traditional techniques of Mexican cuisine. Here are some of the highlights from their menu:

– Starters: Begin your culinary journey with their flavorful Guacamole & Chips or the Queso Fundido, a delicious blend of melted cheese, chorizo, and roasted poblano peppers.

– Tacos: They offer an array of mouthwatering taco options, ranging from traditional favorites like Carnitas and Barbacoa to innovative creations such as Grilled Shrimp and Korean BBQ.

– Enchiladas: Indulge in their selection of enchiladas, including the savory Chicken Mole, rich Beef Chile Colorado, or the vegetarian-friendly Spinach and Mushroom.

– Main Courses: From sizzling Fajitas to classic Mexican dishes like Chile Relleno and Carne Asada, Blue Coyote delights with its diverse range of main course offerings.

– Vegetarian and Vegan Options: Blue Coyote recognizes the importance of catering to dietary preferences. Their menu includes a selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes that are equally delicious and satisfying.

Exceptional Service

At Blue Coyote, exceptional service is at the core of their dining experience. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive, ensuring your needs are met and that you have a memorable dining experience from start to finish.

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Open 11 am – 9pm daily.

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