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BMW Driving Experiences


Take the Wheel: Why You Should Visit the BMW Performance Driving School West


How do you truly experience a BMW M5 with 617 horsepower- the way it was meant to be driven? There’s one place where that’s possible – the BMW Performance Driving School in Thermal, California.

BMW Performance Center

Driving Classes for Everyone

Located at the exclusive Thermal Club, enjoy a variety of BMW driving experiences and classes for all skill levels. They always have the most recent model-year BMWs on hand, including X, M, and i vehicles. Class sizes average 12-15 people.

Teen School: Learn the basics, and we don’t mean parallel parking. You must be at least 15 years old with a valid driver’s permit. For all other schools, you must be 18 years old.

Driver’s School: Introduces high-performance driving in BMW’s famous 2 Series and 3 Series vehicles.

BMW M School: This is for true fans of excitement, where you’ll pilot BMW’s most famous and powerful cars to their limits (and yours) on closed courses. Both one and two-day options are available. This rigorous course will help you understand the true meaning of M Power.

Advanced M School and Race License School: For those with even higher driving ability, there’s  where you can start your journey to become a pro yourself.

BMW Performance Center

Ins & Outs of High-performance Driving

The curriculum takes you from drifting on a wet skid pad, to learning how to navigate an autocross quickly. Go head-to-head in the Rat Race, turning off traction control on a wet surface while trying to catch another driver. Head off-road on a specialized course designed to show of a BMW X vehicle’s prowess. And for teens, discover the limits of car control in a safe environment.


BMW’s Dream Team

Of course, you’re not out there alone. A team of professional driving instructors is on hand to guide you through each exercise, demonstrating where to look and how to control these amazing machines. They offer decades of combined racing experience and are eager to offer corrections and tips during each session.

Each event starts with a “Chalk Talk” – a brief classroom session that allows the instructors to review the basics of high-performance driving. Each event is challenge-by-choice, so you’ll only be going as fast as you feel comfortable doing. The goal is to simply make you a better driving than when you arrived.

Some classes end the day with a Hot Lap, where an instructor will take the wheel and you’re the passenger as they demonstrate the full ability of an M car on track. It’s not for the faint of heart.


BMW Driving Experiences

A Variety of Thrills

It’s not just full-day events – the BMW Performance Driving School also offers Experiences that take up only an hour or half of your day, but still feature a full dose of adrenaline. Take an X7 off-road during their Performance Center Drive, or try out an M car for six laps with an M Track Drive. Pro instructors remain on hand, ensuring each Experience is as satisfying as a full day.

A special treat for new BMW owners is the New Owner’s Track Drive. It’s a chance to get drive the School’s BMWs on track and discover what really makes it best-in-class, and a great way to be introduced to the brand.

 Get A Grip with a Group

The BMW Performance Driving School West is also a great place to host your next event with friends, family, co-workers and colleagues. You can customize each event to your specific needs, with access to meeting rooms, Wi-Fi, delicious catering options, and plenty of track time with the pros.

The BMW Performance Center’s main building can host meetings, with separate rooms (or one large one), a café, a gourmet chef to prepare meals, even a coffee bar for breaks in between the action. There’s also a gift shop to help your team remember the day.

Book your classes and Group Events by calling 888-345-4269.

The M4 GT4 Driving Experience

Hop into a real BMW racecar – the M4 GT4, complete with six-point harness and roll cage, to really test your driving mettle.

These specially prepared M4s aren’t street-legal, only allowed to drive on-track. The full experience offers the driver a racing suit fitment, warm-up sessions in street-going M cars, and an adrenaline-pumping drive in the GT4.

To learn more about the BMW Performance Driving School, visit BMWPerformanceCenter.com.

86-050 Jasper Lane, Thermal, CA  92274


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