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Palm Springs Modernism Ala Mod(e)

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Reflection offers a glimpse of who we are and how far we have come. Our foremothers and forefathers built a legacy connecting yesteryear with the present and here. Palm Springs modernism represents how previous generations envisioned the years ahead; they were planning it all for us. Their blueprints represent our history as much as they embrace our vibrant present tense.

And no schematics juxtapose these ideals better than midcentury modernity.

The space-race/space-age Palm Springs modernism is simultaneously cool, cozy, and boldly futuristic. Blast to the past with some expert help from our passionate community of aesthetic enthusiasts…

Beautiful mid-century modern home in Palm Springs

Palm Springs Modernism Architectural Tours

The swooping contours of our city’s retro rooftops draw your eye seductively through town, but it’s easy to get distracted without the proper guide. Go inside the angular proceedings of construction at its most geometric with The Modern Tour, an upscale glide to our glamorous side.

Interiors have no superiority when you ride with Palm Springs Mod Squad, an excursion that gets up close and perfect with some of the most iconic structures in town. Daring designs and striking silhouettes are all in store at PS Architecture Tours, an experience that will compel you to delve further in time.

Well, you’re in luck because Palm Springs Historical Society is preserving the best of the past with lasting imagery. Their Mid-century ShowcaseGolden Era, and Modernist Treasures packages are perfect for visitors from neighboring towns just here for a quick foray into transcendence.

If you prefer to craft your quest, Scoot Palm Springs offers scooter rentals with a side of modernism tour suggestions. You can also cruise our mid-century landscape on a stylish cycle from Bike Palm Springs, and their colorful storefront is a modern marvel in its own right!

Pool at The Hideaway
The Hideaway

Palm Springs Mid-century Modern Accommodations

Why drive back home when you can book an overnight stay at one of the fantastic abodes you saw on your day trip? Mod Mansions lives up to its name, providing the creature comforts of couture in your own rental space.

To snuggle up to the foothills of San Jacinto for the night, take a spin to the Orbit In! Their splashy colors and exacting horizontal lines contrast brilliantly with the surrounding terrain. Just down the road, The Hideaway presents the softer side of modernity, complete with ornate pool parasols and inviting 60’s furnishings.

The Wesley is a study of comfy contradictions. The pop art in the walls awakens the soul while the bedding lulls you into a sedated nirvana.

Playfulness is paramount at Del Marcos, which boasts a similar affinity for celebrity panache. The suites are designed for silver screen giants like Errol Flynn, Bob Hope, and James Bond. You’ll be shaken AND stirred by the majesty of Holiday House, a baby blue monument of restraint and refinement. The Palm Springs modernism of L’Horizon has beckoned such high-wattage Hollywood royals as Betty Grable and Marilyn Monroe into its chic enclosures.

And to add some personalized star power to your Palm Springs slumber party, consider staying at one of the celebrity homes that are available for rent. Cavort with the spirit of Sinatra (and swim in his piano-shaped pool!); ring a ding ding, indeed.

Destination PSP interior shot of store
Destination PSP

Window Shopping

But the mod look inspires more than just fabulous architecture; it’s a style that permeates every facet of Palm Springs life. You can wear it on your sleeve with some vintage threads from The Frippery, specializing in fierce fashions that define and delight Coachella Valley.

For curios that evoke another age while remaining timelessly alluring, you simply must time travel to Antique Galleries. Likewise, Dazzles decks out your lifestyle with swirling glassware and tchotchkes that aren’t manufactured anymore. For more current collectibles that preserve our collective mid-century buzz, make a beeline for Destination PSP.

Recline in your throne of regal mystique by furnishing your home with wares from Modern Way. But before you drive home, fill the rest of your car with mod must-haves from A La Mod, local designs that will blow your mind!

Expand your horizons with intergalactic art from the heyday of the moon landing only at M Modern Gallery. After your perspective has orbited the galaxy, bring it back to Earth for terrestrial grooviness with The Art of Nat Reed. Their cocktail swag spilleth over at Shag, the depot of dapper that carries such mod faves as custom throw pillows, vintage vinyl players, and limited edition prints depicting mid-century mirth at full swingin’ swing!

Palm Springs truly is a work of art. Picture yourself here for a lunchtime getaway or a lifetime of luxury, a day trip our way, and say hey.

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