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48 Hours: Down Home in Palm Springs

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A Guide To Your Quick Getaway

Our downtown area is configured like an architectural embrace. Palm Canyon welcomes you into its outstretched arms, then routes you lovingly to Indian Canyon and pulls you back in an endless loop of sustenance and style. The hometown eateries offer tasty food done right, and the shopping options are playful: stroll and peruse without the stress of a hard-sell scenario.

But first, relaxing is the most important thing to do on your Palm Springs quick getaway.  We began as a stress-free resort destination, and we’ve always maintained that vibe. And really, you desert it! The endless sunshine, sparking pools, and beautiful mountain views will make this easy.

Family walking downtown Palm Springs

Day 1 – Arrive & Unwind

Check in for your stay and spend some time by the pool. There is no way to get in the Palm Springs quick weekend vibe entirely, like catching a few rays and enjoying a cocktail. There is an extensive collection of small hotels and inns to choose from. Or, if you want your own space, there are over 2,000 vacation rentals from small to large estates.

Once you’re settled, it’s time for a bite. Where better to start than at the heart?

Holiday House pool

Downtown Palm Springs

La Plaza is the perfect inaugural destination to plug into your GPS as you navigate to our hearty hometown and your quick Palm Springs getaway. You’ll get the protein punch you need to conquer the downtown shopping scene with lunch options ranging from Bill’s Pizza to L’Atelier Café to Farm to Grand Central.

grand central

Then, when you’re ready to explore what makes Palm Springs home, explore our heritage across the street at the Palm Springs Historical Society. They offer walking tours that delve into our celebrity allure, midcentury modern mastery, and  Uptown Design District.

old palm springs

As night falls on your Palm Springs quick getaway, your appetite for decadence rises. Satiate it at The Tropicale, where a Crispy, Boneless Southern Fried Chicken awaits. Reserve an outdoor table and sip an exotic cocktail to savor the desert ambiance fully.  For dinner and a show, you’ll love Michael Homes’ Purple Room. This is where the sophistication and glamour of the Rat Pack era come alive.

purple room

Day 2

Morning brings a bevy of new taste sensations. After a dip in the pool, immerse yourself in deliciousness with a home-style breakfast at Wilma & Frieda. Slice into nice with their meatloaf topped with fried eggs, or surrender to your sweet tooth and order the blackberry custard French toast (you know you want it)!

wilma & freida

It’s official: your tank is full and ready for adventure, so rev up your proverbial engine with a Red Jeep Tour of Indian Canyons. This place rocks (literally) with formations and flora arranged to dazzle.

red jeep

On the topic of legacy, book a post-tour trip to Las Casuelas, one of the oldest operating restaurants in Palm Springs. They have been harvesting hominess since 1958 and are serving up six decades of heritage to their grateful guests daily.

las casuals

Retreat to your resort pool for the afternoon and keep the kids cool…

ok, enough family time –

It’s Happy Hour!

Celebrate at Trio, the brightly-hued party palace stocked with signature cocktails that are a who’s-who of who’s thirsty. After polishing off a Spatini and Forever Marilyn, book a dinner table and get a thrill at the hometown meat-and-potatoes majesty of a local favorite, Trio’s Yankee Pot Roast.

But everyone has a different definition of home. Perhaps you prefer the Wiener Schnitzel at Johannes, the legendary chef’s answer to steak and potatoes.

Or the culinary comforts of Central Europe, as re-imagined at the upscale/down-home enclave of Miro’s.

Not Your Ordinary Diner

As you pack up and prepare to leave town from your fun Palm Springs quick getaway, fuel your waking dreamscape with a final stop at King’s Highway Diner. From the outside, it’s a triumph of midcentury architectural flair. Once inside, you’ll indulge in local fare like their hometown Twin Palms Wagyu Burger, washed down with a rich, refreshing Date Shake made with fresh Medjool fruit and swirled into vanilla bean ice cream. If you’re fortunate enough to stay until Monday, book a room at the adjacent Ace Hotel & Swim Club and enjoy bingo and trivia under the same roof. You’ll be glad you did.

But alas, it seems we have broken our 48-hour promise and overstayed by a day. Oh well, Palm Springs is synonymous with expanding your horizons, expelling your inhibitions, and succumbing to luxury. The concept of home transcends the weekend calendar; once you’re here, we never want to go.

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