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Make Your Vacation Unforgettable with a Home Rental

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Palm Springs Vacation Rentals

By Kevin Perry

There are oceans of clichés about home. It’s “where the heart is” and “where you hang your hat” and “sweet” but the concept of home has evolved dramatically over the past two years. We work there, we play there, and we define ourselves by the surroundings we present, be it on Zoom calls or in person.

You might be fiercely proud of your abode… or maybe you’re getting a bit tired of staring at the same four walls? Either way, you deserve a castle from which to rule your queendom (or kingdom).

The good news: you can enjoy a sense of belonging wherever you go. The great news: Palm Springs will help.

Our homey hometown is home to vacation rentals that range from opulent to oh-so-cute! We have over 2,000 properties from which to peruse and choose, so pack your bags and unpack paradise… You can breathe easy in our desert landscape far from the cramped realities of the workaday world.

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Get With The (Modern) Times

Palm Springs is synonymous with architectural splendor. The playful angles of our structures reflect the fun, unique vibe that you crave in your vacation getaway. These enclaves are suited to your personal aesthetic and comfort level, and they whisk you back in time to a midcentury wonderland of creativity.

Mod Mansions specialized in a boutique collection of large estates and midcentury modern homes, like the Celebrity Hideaway Estate in Old Las Palmas or the White House in Deepwell Estates.

mod mansions white house

You can also get the star treatment with Moderne Vacations – the extra “e” is for exceptional! They have a collection of midcentury modern homes.

Modern Vacations rental deepwell

The ultimate brush with fame awaits at Frank Sinatra’s Twin Palms estate. Ol’ Blue Eyes had an eye for design, commissioning a piano-shaped swimming pool where you can simmer in legacy and luxury. Ditch your cares and immerse yourself in style!

frank sinatra palm springs home

Own Your Space

The term “happy place” has so many different connotations, depending on your perspective. Pets? Kids? Pools? Adventure? It’s all at your fingertips in our home rental realm.

Palm Springs sprawls with variety, so you can contour your stay to your exact needs. For instance, the McLean Company website invites you to search by the amenities that matter most. Some guests seek seclusion while other want to be a heartbeat from the heart of downtown. This is locally owned with offices in North Palm Springs, so you can speak to someone in person if you wish.

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Altamira Vacation Rentals is ready to usher you into a condo or house built for your bespoke appetites. Lounge on the sun-drenched deck, hibernate in a hideaway made for two, or splash yourself silly in a pool party paradise for your squad. They also have pet friendly vacation rental options. Locally owned with offices on Palm Canyon Drive, this may be your next office with a pool view.

Altamira vacation rental

Check into Oasis Rentals and check out views as varied as the snowcapped San Jacinto Mountains. They offer a selection of unique midcentury, modern, and luxury vacation rental homes. All houses have top-of-the-line amenities to accommodate your needs.

Oasis rental soronto retreat

But why limit your visit? Our red carpet continues to unfurl…

Extend Your Stay

When you capture your bliss, calendars become irrelevant. Book a week, a month or a lifetime with an extended stay in our brilliant berg.

Speaking of squads, family fun flows freely in PS. Vacation Palm Springs embraces the mood of your brood with accommodations that satisfy any group. They can help you for a spring break getaway, summer vacation or the random downtime that you wish to upgrade. Offering both short term and long term stays. Local office is on Tahquitz Canyon Way, should you need personal assistance.

Vacation Palm Springs rental

365 Vacation Rentals lives up to its name, fashioning itineraries around your schedule. Work from home-away-from-home or heck – retire already! You deserve a vacation that stretches indefinitely (definitely!). 365 Vacation Rentals is a tight-knit, family-run business that works around the clock to ensure you enjoy a super fun and memorable vacation.

360 vacation rental_geo alexander

Color us impressed by Oranj Palm rentals, another organization that encourages you to stay to your soul’s content. Allow the bubbles of a Jacuzzi to tickle your toes while the bubbly in your chalice tickles your palate. After all, there’s so much to toast in our town… They have been in business since 1972, making them the oldest operating vacation rental in Palm Springs. Their vacation planners are available 24 hours a day to assist you. You also receive a 24-hour customer service line, concierge, and housekeeping.

oranj vacation rental tullip house

Come relax, unwind, and immerse yourself in the Palm Springs lifestyle at a Palm Springs Vacation Rental.

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