Palm Springs Skatepark

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401 South Pavilion Way, Palm Springs, CA, 92262

The City of Palm Springs opened its new skate park in December 2003. The park is located adjacent to the City’s swim center in Sunrise Plaza at 401 South Pavilion Way. The formal dedication ceremony was conducted on January 17, 2004 by the Honorable Ron Oden, Mayor of Palm Springs. By the time the park was dedicated, it was already considered by many to be one of best, if not “the best,” skate parks in the State of California.

The skate park project took several years to become a reality by the City due to a considerable amount of careful planning, innovative design concepts and features the City Council demanded be part of the final product. Early on in the process, local skaters were involved with the design team to ensure that the park featured all of the elements they wanted to see in the project. Skater involvement helped the City develop a park that incorporates the type of skating surface they wanted, the features they desired and even replicas of the long forgotten pools which launched the popularity of skateboarding in the early 1970s. All of these steps led to the development of one of the finest skate parks in Southern California. It is a genuine treasure that the City of Palm Springs is proud to call the Palm Springs Skate Park.

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401 South Pavilion Way, Palm Springs, CA, 92262