Dunebuggy Tours and Rentals

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59511 U.S. Highway 111, Palm Springs, CA, 92262

Get lost in the sand dunes and aridsol knolls of the desert.   Wandering aimlessly through wind blown trackless wastelands.

Emerge suddenly on an oasis full of palm trees and perhaps a camel or two. Or is it a mirage? 

Enjoy views of the Whitewater River as we wind our way back to civilization and view a thousand windmills.

Sit back and enjoy the ride in our sand rail limousine. Our open air dunebuggy heads towards one of the hidden springs of the famous California bandit"

We return to the River Canyon area where Lawrence of Arabia was filmed, and where we began this odyssey.

Hop in our dunebuggys for a fun cruise past the ruins in the sand from another era.  Enjoy a comfortable Low Impact ride near the middle of the earthquake fault and out quickly ... unless?

We are located near Palm Springs, Windy Point, and the Whitewater River.

We have knowledgeable and professional guides and a variety of fun vehicles to choose from.

Bring a couple of friends!  Perhaps meet some of ours!



Off-Road Adventures

59511 U.S. Highway 111, Palm Springs, CA, 92262