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California Winter League begins January 25th

Posted By: Palm Springs Insider Monday, January 22, 2018



Are you visiting Palm Springs for the winter and looking for some fun, family-friendly events to attend? The California Winter League is the perfect destination for baseball fans looking to scratch that itch before the Spring begins.

The California Winter League is a professional level showcase league that brings in top unsigned talent from around North America and Asia to play in front of affiliated and independent scouts. Players who attend the California Winter League come from all over the globe to further develop their baseball skills through instruction they receive during workouts and games, with hopes of signing a professional contract before Spring Training begins. The California Winter League prides itself on its increased diversity of players who come from countries such as Canada, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea.

Palm Springs offers the California Winter League a perfect resort destination for fans and players alike, with all of the necessary facilities to host a league of this magnitude. Additionally, the ideal weather during the winter months combined with the community and fan excitement has made the California Winter League the fastest growing winter league in the United States. Since the league's inception, nearly 50 percent of participants left Palm Springs with Spring Training invitations to major league, minor league or independent professional teams.

The 2018 California Winter League season begins January 25th with 4 games per day. Games begin at 10 am at Palm Springs Stadium, running 7 days a week until February 18th. With a different promo day every single day, don’t miss out on seeing the upcoming stars from around the world compete in the California Winter League this winter!

Click here for the season schedule.

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