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Greg Goodman

Meet Master Designer Gregory Goodman

By Kevin Perry

Despite rubbing elbows with such luminaries as Barack Obama and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, every utterance from Gregory Goodman is a bouquet of understatement.  “Pretty much we’re proud of every event,” says the My Little Flower Shop owner. “I don’t care if you spend a thousand dollars or a million dollars. Everyone’s gonna be treated the same.”

Humility and equality bloom in tandem at Goodman’s nursery. After spending two decades beautifying Beverly Hills, he brought his style and sophistication to the desert a decade ago, and his high standards just kept blossoming. “We don’t really handle carnations or daisies or anything like that. Everything is more upscale, fun, unusual.”

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Providing Memorable Experiences

In addition to providing elegant floral arrangements for delivery and delight, Gregory revels in concocting memorable experiences for his eternally grateful customers. “We love our clients, especially weddings. We specialize in weddings and parties, gay and straight – I don’t care who you love, they’re all weddings. It’s just great when you see the joy on the client’s face.”

But when asked to describe My Little Flower Shop, Goodman automatically demurs. “It’s very homey.” There’s that unique brand of understatement again. From his subdued demeanor, it’s hard to believe that Gregory has been instrumental in jazzing up glamorous affairs like inaugural balls and Oscar ceremonies. Instead, he would rather focus on his passion for our hometown. “We’re very Palm Springs oriented,” beams Goodman. “We really give back to the community; we try to give to almost all of the charities.”

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Community Matters

As generous as Gregory is with his resources, he is monumentally giving with his time and innovation. “I’m a member of Main Street. I also founded Wedding Warriors, and we try to be a part of the community as much as we can.”  Since Goodman is never one to toot his own proverbial horn, we’ll do it for him. Wedding Warriors is a vibrant network of stylists, vendors, and various pros in the nuptial industry. The goal of the organization is to optimize communication between wedding specialists to make Palm Springs one of the world’s premiere destinations for all things bride and groom. Gregory is willing to overlook the traditional forces of competition in favor of collaboration. In his view, a strong infrastructure elevates every wedding professional in the Inland Empire.

“It’s great watching all the new things come to town,” assesses Goodman. “I mean, Palm Springs is growing and prospering really well. We have our first transgender councilperson – she’s amazing! People are really working for the betterment of Palm Springs.” At the head of this improvement brigade: Gregory Goodman. His business has flourished in the desert warmth, sprouting a sister store called My Little Bridal Boutique. Offering a dizzying array of styles to expectant newlyweds who want to rock the aisle, this outlet of OMG is further proof that Gregory can expand his ambition without losing sight of his true love.

Flower Boquet

“We handle every client like they’re our own; like they’re family.” And that family is growing by the day. When I mention the diminutive names of his stores, Goodman clarifies his nomenclature with a good-natured chuckle. “We’re not really little; we’re actually a very large shop now.”

We finally got a (semi) boastful statement out of him. Well played, Gregory – big love to your (not so) little shop.

My Little Flower Shop | 861 N Palm Canyon Dr | 760.778.7111

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