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The Lincoln Debate: A New Play By Terry Ray


February 28, 2023    
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

The Lincoln Debate: A New Play By Terry Ray

The Bent Theatre Company, In Association with the Palm Springs Cultural Center, Presents a new play by TERRY RAY


directed by Steve Rosenbaum

The Coachella Valley’s brand new LGBTQ theater company, The Bent, is pleased to announce five additional performances of THE LINCOLN DEBATE by Terry Ray, the playwright of ELECTRICITY, the record-breaking longest running play in Palm Springs. Steve Rosenbaum will once again direct.

THE LINCOLN DEBATE takes a funny, touching and historically honest look at the relationship between Abraham Lincoln and Joshua Speed, a man he shared a bed with for four years. Did they have an intimate relationship? Did one of the greatest men in American history have a letter under the LGBTQ banner that fit him? You will leave THE LINCOLN DEBATE armed to draw your own conclusions.

THE LINCOLN DEBATE is a joint production of the bent and the Palm Springs Cultural Center as the Cultural Center brings quality live productions into their newly remodeled theater spaces.

WHERE: Palm Springs Cultural Center


The Lincoln Debate